Shadra was invited to represent the county in the Camargo Art Space

Shadra was invited to represent the county in the Camargo Art Space

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In the context of International Women’s Day, the Espacio de Arte Camargo in Buenos Aires invited plastic artist Shadra Vargas Martinic to display her sample called “Ellas” in a multicultural exhibition entitled: Mujeres del Arte.

Rio Grande.- Plastic artist Shadra Vargas Martinic has been invited to represent the province in an exhibition at Espacio de Arte Camargo, located in Villa Crespo in Buenos Aires Province.

Her specimen “Ellas” must be exhibited at the Buenos Aires Fair as part of Women’s Day. As indicated by the cultural space, Shadra’s works will be available for three days. Fuegian artist must display 11 real size photos of 1 meter by 1 meter

Shadra must travel to Buenos Aires on the 5th of March with the aim of being able to hold the fair with the necessary time so that everything is ready on the eighth of the month, which will be multicultural with dances, singers, poetry, book fair and many other cultural edges that will be its goal main for women. This exhibition will run until 9 inclusive.

Shadra will have to stay in Buenos Aires for at least a week and there is a possibility that she will also participate in other cultural venues.

The fact is that from Espacio de Arte Camargo they showed a special interest that the exhibition “Mujeres del Arte” contains the sample “Ellas” by Fuegian Shadra Vargas Martinic.

“We have taken note of his work and his career, seeing that he has exhibited in the cities of Ushuaia, Rio Grande and Tolhuen, as well as signs and declarations of interest, both regionally and locally, that have been given to him and we want to count on his presence in our space.

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Delight with urgency

In an interview with this medium, Shadra expressed her relief “because it is very important for me that they take me into consideration in Buenos Aires and that they invite me to participate to represent the province. It makes me feel proud.”

And about the exhibition he will present, he said, “It is one of the exhibitions that I love the most because it represents a lot in my life. In “Ellas” the places of the Riograndenses are clearly visible and each of the eleven paintings reveals a certain feeling and in each one you can see a special person who puts it in a certain frame.” He stressed that the painting “Hope” was the heroine of her novel, Amina Roldan, who is no longer with us.

However, despite the significance of the events, the plastic artist has not yet been able to respond to the invitation because she still does not have the tickets to be able to travel to Buenos Aires. “I hope I can get the tickets and be in Buenos Aires on schedule,” Shadra hopes.


Speaking about his exhibition called “Ellas Shadra”, he noted that the aim of the work was to “combine photography with paintings in different places in the Rio Grande”. For them “we used the landscapes of Rio Grande do Sul and in this setting we show those parts that are important and that those parts also define that feeling a little bit.”

He explained that “the exhibition talks about eleven different feelings among people who interact with the paintings in order to give more personality to the feeling.”

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Participation in the project as models in the photos: Valeria Estefanía Flores Arteaga, Carla Sofía, Karina Piselli, Lucrecia Fruncieri, Juany Vera Tavieres Castro, David Muñoz, Candela B. Sutil, Anima Roldán.

Regarding working with photographer Matthias Calvo, he explained that he was “the one who took pictures of my drawings because they are used extensively in design in Buenos Aires”.

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