Shawn Marks has the formula to get Simmons back

Shawn Marks has the formula to get Simmons back

It is without a doubt one of the greatest falls in NBA history. During his early years in the NBA, and getting over the fact that he missed the first start due to injury, Ben Simmons was an All-Star. Although we all knew (and saw) his shortcomings, they were duly made up for by a great game that made him live about three times as much every night. Well, at 26 years old, there’s just a little bit of that left.

Physical problems (known back problems) as well as mental problems (derived from the end of his stint in Philadelphia) curtailed him to the point where he played just 42 games between the last two seasons. Despite this information, they’re working in Brooklyn with the idea of ​​getting him back for the cause and they seem to have a clear formula for it: patience.

“I was there two weeks ago with him and our coaching staff and I’ve seen the progress he’s made. I’m happy to report that he’s in excellent physical and mental condition. He seems keen to play again. We’ve got time. We’re not going to rush him back into 5-on-5 play in the next few weeks.” He is making progress and will be ready to play very soon,” says Sean Marks, gerente general From The Nets, about the fact that his player has yet to participate in three-on-three warm-up matches.

The truth is, the executive isn’t the first person to talk about Simmons this summer. In the last week of June, it was former teammate Patty Mills (transferred three times to end up with the Atlanta Hawks), who dedicated some encouraging words to his future. “From what I hear, he’s taking care of his body and achieving the state of fitness and health that everyone wants to see in him and needs. I think first and foremost for him, it’s about getting to that part where he can be Ben again.”

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There seems to be confidence that Simmons can get back on his feet and be an important “reinforcement” to the New Yorkers. In a few months we will leave the doubts with the parquet as a witness.

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