Siege, now in 3 cities in Baja California; transport burning

Siege, now in 3 cities in Baja California;  transport burning

Tijuana. – Friday afternoon and this evening, armed State authorities stated that they set fire to at least 10 public transport units in the cities of Mexicali, Tijuana, Rosarito and Tecate.

According to the description of the witnesses, it is about groups of armed men who threatened the drivers of the vehicles, forcing them to get off with the users, throwing petrol and setting them on fire.

Last night, the state government acknowledged the vehicle attacks and stated that there were no reports of injuries.

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“Multiple highway traffic closure events are reported in Lower California. A statement from the agency said that Mexicali, Tijuana, Rosarito and Tecate reported the burning of transport vehicles.

In her social networks, Governor Marina del Pilar Avila condemned the attacks and said she had already been arrested over the events.

One driver who was turned away from his unit described being driving the truck with two other passengers when he was surprised by three men who told him, “This is not an assault, get out of the unit.”

After getting out, they took out a can of petrol, set the truck on fire and fled the scene.

According to the driver, one of the attackers was set on fire.

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Return of the blockade to Guanajuato

Also on Friday, in Guanajuato, new roadblocks with burning cars were recorded in the municipalities of Celaya, Salvaterra, Juventino Rosas and Guanajuato.

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Initially, security elements attributed the fires to the criminal group’s reaction to the arrest of one of its leaders in a police operation.

Police personnel responded to complaints about the closure of the Celaya Commonfort highway, the burning of a truck in Juventino Rosas and other cases in Salvatierra.

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