Signal instead of WhatsApp? Elon Musk started the controversy

Signal instead of WhatsApp?  Elon Musk started the controversy

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In a very subtle way and not to mention WhatsApp, Elon Musk recommends stopping using the world’s most important chat app Following the announcement of the new Privacy Policies, Musk has suggested using signal usage instead.

Tesla and the founder of SpaceX used Twitter, the only social network used by the world’s richest tycoon to send this message. Musk now writes Use Signal (Use Signal) It didn’t take much longer than unleashing a revolution in the Blue Bird network.

WhatsApp has announced new privacy policies with changes regarding the storage of personal data and the sharing of this information on Facebook. Something that users do not like, Which promoted the company Mark Zuckerberg It issued a statement clarifying the change of company accounts and not the users in general.

“As far as business news is concerned, users do not need to share such data. All users will be notified in the chat if they choose the business they are talking about to use Facebook to manage Save your WhatsApp messages. This is an optional service we offer, ”the statement said.

What is a signal and how does it work?

Signal is a California-based messaging service Signal Foundation en 2014, Which has been successful in recent years, thanks to its high level of security.

The application is available for iOS and Android and works with the network to send personal or group messages using phone numbers. In Functions you can send photos, videos and audios just like WhatsApp.

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The big difference is the higher level of security as it allows you to identify sending and receiving messages from unknown contacts. Because of this, the National Security Agency of the United States (NSA) has warned that its secrecy indicates security risk. National by blocking user tracking.

Precisely because of these benefits that people want Elon Musk o Jack Dorsey, The founder of Twitter, use the app, which currently has 10 million downloads.

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