Simone Biles is also giving up the vault and pub finals

Simone Biles is also giving up the vault and pub finals

Simone Biles’ alert has already been passed to the ‘Def with Two’ level. The amazing gymnast He also won’t compete in Sunday’s Olympic Hardware Finals at Ariake Gymnastics. And so he abandons the asymmetric, a specialty that is not his specialty, and jumps, the place where he gets one of the highest returns, where he sees the flying bells. But in Tokyo, Simone lives hanging on her head and removes anxiety “demons”And they already took him out The final team and the full competition.

Bills herself admitted it on Friday I kept having ‘fluctuations’, Feeling that you don’t really know where you areAnd It’s like getting lost in the air while flying. A common term in gymnastics slang in America. Lost is called in Spain. “You literally cannot distinguish if you are up or down. “My mind and body are out of sync,” Simone herself said in an Instagram story, He is seen dangling on a soft mat as he trains in an asymmetric shape.

The wrong exercise that appears on the social network is most explained: “I don’t want to think how dangerous it would be if this happened on a hard surface. This is why mental health is closely related to physical health. However, Biles does reveal his problem publicly, something that shows his courage and has received multiple support from the sports world, Among other totems such as Michael Phelps, who also faced the Olympic “mental challenge”. “His answer is a big problem,” says psychologist Pablo Del Rio.

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Biles, at Ariake Gymnastics, during the gymnastics final.

Today, after consulting the medical team, Simone Biles decided to give up all of the uneven jumping,” explained USA Gymnastics In a follow-up statement: “It will continue to be evaluated to determine whether or not it competes in the Ground Finals and Balance Pack.”

Skinner will be your replacement

USA Gymnastics has announced that Biles will be replaced In the last jump by McKayla Skinner, who achieved the 4th best mark in the rating. He will be on Team USA with Jade Carey. Without Bales, Brazilian Rebecca Andrade would be a favorite to win.

“We are still amazed at Simon, Who continues to deal with this situation with courage and graceAnd of all the gymnasts who have progressed through these unexpected circumstances.”

In these games, Simone Biles aspired to be the undisputed queen, especially when she qualified for the finals of everything, she aspired to six Olympic medals. But the tension, stress, anxiety, “demons” … took it out. There is one last chance to compete, in the bar and ground finals, where he judges. Iran day by day… The world is still watching Bills.

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