The Minister of Health welcomes the proposals of Listine Diario

The Minister of Health welcomes the proposals of Listine Diario

The Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, identified as “valid suggestions to save lives”, the recommendations made by Listín Diario in his editorial yesterday that tools should be created in the country with prizes or restrictions allowing the payment of the vaccination process against Covid -19 due to the delay shown by some provinces and population.

Rivera said Listín Diario’s suggestions are very good tools to do for “we are to save lives, because sometimes a person does not understand one way and perhaps with his help in another we can save his life,” and indicated that they will be evaluated and analyzed by the Ministry of Health to be taken Taken into account by both the Health Cabinet and the President.

“It comes to our mind that there are two payment paths: one, offering attractive prizes to those who must complete the Monday and Boost course; another, imposing a special, temporary curfew until they reach the goal,” says this media outlet in its editorial yesterday titled Lost Pay.

Listín Diario bases its reasoning considering that August has arrived and most provinces have not yet been able to cover even 50 percent of the target population with two doses.

In this regard, the minister said that both tools, both incentives and restrictions, have been applied in some countries, including the United States, as a means of motivating the population to vaccinate against the virus that causes hospitalizations and deaths.

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