Siwas built at Toluka

Siwas built at Toluka

After three consecutive wins, Chivas will face one of the most important matches of the 2022 Apertura. It is necessary for him to defeat Toluca in the court of nemesis Tez Liquilla can maintain the illusion of being directly desired Any other result could drop him in the overall standings.

Ricardo Cadena has finally found his star team to face the competitionAs he repeated the series during the last three promises, he managed to defeat the contestants in all three. Necaxa, Rayados and Pumas, so they will try to add the Red Devils to the list.

The significance of this determination is that GGuadalajara is seventh with 15 points, while Toluca is sixth with 21 units.So a win for the Rojiblancos would bring them dangerously close to the relegation zone. The Tigers will play at Akron Stadium on September 13.

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