Six teams qualify for the final stage of the Men’s Under-17 Basketball League. In Guayaquil, the address will be disputed | Other sports | Sports

Six teams qualify for the final stage of the Men’s Under-17 Basketball League.  In Guayaquil, the address will be disputed |  Other sports |  Sports

Floresta Guayas will play the title at home against five teams from Pichincha, Imbabura, El Oro (2) and Tungurahua.

employment Guayaquil, Machala and Keto The first stage of Men’s National Basketball League, subclass 17, where groups are Guayas Forest (Guayas), monsters (Pechincha), lakes pirates (Embapura), Ambato Soldiers (Tongurahua), Santa Maria and Ourense (El Oro) went to the final stage, to compete for the crown at the deadline to be held in Guayaquil.

The first stage of the tournament was held, in its first six dates Azog, Ambato, Ibarra, Zamora, Riobamba, and Sangolki; While days 7, 8 and 9 were held in Guayaquil, Machala and Quito.

Monsters reached their rank after winning the six matches they played: 99-25 crossoverAnd 106-44 A SpartansAnd 119-34 A Blue DevilsAnd 75-56 to San Pedro TapuadaAnd 103-52 to degree, And 56-54 for Pirates of the Lakes.

for this part, lakes pirates He scored the following scores: 100-46 to A Score, 112-45 to Crossover, 108-69 to Spartans, 119-47 to Blue Devils, 72-70 to San Pedro Taboada and lost to Monsters 54-56.

The results scored by Floresta Guayas in the six matches 85-16 by beating Silva SocuaAnd 76-34 to Atletico SucreAnd 73-53 to Koryo Chimborazo, 64-45 to Importadora Alvarado, 104-30 to Rhinos, and lost 54-61 to Ambato Soldiers.

For his part, he defeated Tungurahua, in the group stage, 65-31 Sucre Sports 85-55 A Sokva Forest, 102-26 A Rhino, 63-47 A Koryo Shimborazo, 61-54 A Guayas Forest, and 104-44 A Alvarado importer.

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in group 3, Santa Maria They defeated ATUC-Atenas 84-36, Olympus 79-68, Orense SC 52-48, Henko 60-37, Fénix Santa Rosa 63-53, lost 44-47 to Alma Fuerte and then won 77-53 to Zamora Jaguars.

for this part, Orense SC Defeated Olympo 81-78, Henko 56-50, lost 48-52 against Santa Maria and 30-37 against Phoenix Santa Rosa, then recovered by defeating Alma Fuerte 65-31, 53-48 against Zamora Jaguars, 77-15 against ATUC-Athens.

They then played the Round of 16, in the three sets, the quarter-finals, the semi-finals and the final that determined the winners from each of the three groups.

The standings of the three groups that played the qualifying stage were organized as follows:

group 1

1. Monsters, 2. Pirates of the lakes, 3. San Pedro de Taboada, 4. Spartans, 5. Basketball, 6. Crossover, 7. Blue Devils.

group 2

1. Ambato Soldiers, 2. Floresta Guayas, 3. Importadora Alvarado, 4. Atlético Sucre, 5. Koryo Chimborazo, 6. Rhinos, 7. Selva Sucúa.

group number 3

1. Santa Maria, 2. Orense SC, 3. Olympo, 4. Strong Soul, 5. Phoenix Santa Rosa, 6. Zamora Jaguar, 7. Henko, 8. Attock-Atenas. (Dr)

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