Social organizations request suspension of signing the Electricity Charter

Social organizations request suspension of signing the Electricity Charter

Social organizations that have been participating for more than five years in the process of agreeing on the Electricity Charter within the framework of the Economic and Social Council (CES), have called for a halt to the activity called for Thursday in order to materialize the signing of the Electricity Agreement. Charter, because they were not called for these purposes.

They argue that the presidency of the Economic and Social Council should comply with Law 142-15 and respect its own institutional framework and they alerted the country that at this moment the swearing-in of representatives of the peasant and trade union sectors is still underway, which will be exactly the following Friday, one day after the call To sign the agreement, and thus instances of CES were not summoned or informed about the document being summoned to sign on Thursday.

In this sense, they announced that they would resort to the legal authorities in the state, to demand their rights, to ensure the processes and methodology contained in the Electricity Sector Reform Document and to sign the Electricity Charter stipulated in the law. 1-12.

A document sent by the entities states that “democracy is strengthened when institutions are respected, and confidence is generated in those who make decisions because of their respect for the institutions, laws and democracy itself.”

They pointed out that the law provides for their participation in signing the Electricity Charter, and therefore not being called for such purposes would lead to a constitutional violation.

“We received, by surprise, the information circulating an invitation to sign the electricity agreement tomorrow at 11 am at the National Palace,” a statement said.

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They understand that the signing of the Electricity Charter must be done with respect to the institutional framework and laws, thus contributing to democracy and governance.

The document added, “We demand the suspension of Al-Ghad activity because it violates, illegal and irregular operations and methodologies agreed upon in the approved electricity sector reform document that is still in effect.” Indicates.

They renewed their commitment and readiness to agree to agreements that allow the signing of the Electricity Charter in the shortest possible time, and respect for the integration of the various sectors of society, as this must ensure the state’s leap in security and energy development, the growth of the economy, but above all social justice, to ensure fair rates for consumers.

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