Solidarity dinner in Memo space

Solidarity dinner in Memo space

A group of attendees at the Solidarity Dinner held at Mimo Bite The Experience.

€6,125 has been raised for the World Central Kitchen, led by José Andrés, for people in need in Ukraine

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Last Friday the 18th, Mimo Bite The Experience gave a charity dinner at her school located in the basement of the María Cristina Hotel. This initiative arose out of a desire to somehow help refugees from Ukraine. The NGO to which all the money has been allocated is World Central Kitchen, led by Chef
Jose AndresWhich since the early days of the conflict has moved to Poland and Ukraine to provide hot meals to refugees and displaced persons. There were many suppliers, collaborators and friends of Mimo who wanted to take part in the event, donating products that were made during dinner or gifts pulled during that.

The event raised a total of €6,125, all of which will go to the NGO World Central Kitchen.

The menu is prepared by the chefs at Mimo
Patrick’s Fountains And the
Eneko Irizar, with help
Mikel Martigasupported on this occasion by a very young apprentice named
Tom Nordahl. They made an excellent menu consisting of four courses plus dessert. To nibble on anchovies with Mime, followed by burrata, pine nut milk, artichokes, camel jaws, smoked potatoes and cod cream, demi ham and thistle. For dessert, pannacotta coffee, croissant ice cream and orange granita. They were all washed with Ameztoi txakoli, Red Beronia Reserve, Aguieura Reserve, Ramón Bilbao Reserve and Solera 1847. 57 people from Donostia participated in the world of culture and tourism. It was a fun evening. Among the audience was a well-known fashion and jewelry designer
Rachel Palencia, who was accompanied by her husband
Andrea K. What is more,
Arantexa Erizar And the
white jesus from Buenavista Restaurant;
Lier Falcon from Hotel Villa Favorita;
Gonzalo Labazaran From Monoa Jewelery.
Amaya And the
Asier Goñi, Ardoteka Goñi; the sculptor
inigo mantirola, with his wife
Helena Hernandez GROW;
Alex Chang from Frescotours;
Giusepa Brzoza, From the point of view of the Basques and
Jani Laranaga And the
John Galdus, Basque Tours, among others.

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After dinner, gifts were drawn, including special visits to Talai Berri txakolindegi, a basket of produce donated by Lukas Gourmet, orchids donated by Flowers & Events, and a statue of Iñigo Manterola, delivered in person.

lara ibricuHead of Sales and Events at Mimo y
Alba Garcia, responsible for liaison at Mimo Bite the Experience, was responsible for the publication and organization of the event. They cooperated, fishmonger Espy; Miriam massacre who donated the product; Ardoteka Goñi; Gonzalez Bias Aitor Lhasa, Irotaunde bakery; Grabolaser, who made the official poster; donated flowers and anniversaries centerpieces; Basque Tours and Talai Berri, who donated special visits to Talai Berri txakolindegi towing, and Lukas Gourmet.

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