Spend Christmas cycling in Espacio León

Spend Christmas cycling in Espacio León

Team Lyon Digital I tested this mall initiative lion space straight to see how easy it is to be able to Help those who need itSimply, donate a little weather And Exertion. All this you can see in Video that we will leave you to end of article.

What’s the pedal theme this Christmas?

This is amazing campaign Christmas Focuses on the ability to help those who most needed Because very expensive subordinate Electricity prices and the energy poverty. For this reason, this campaign was created that, in the end, all the accumulated distance will turn in a A gift Solidarity with Caritas Diocese of Lyon To be able to pay the electricity bills for the families most in need our city.

The campaign is based on a Christmas tree located in Sun Square from the mall lion space. This tree has been found Surrounded by bikes Still disguised as a reindeer. In these machines you can climb on the pedal while 10 minutes accompanied by other participants, a Very immersive music and some Totally hypnotic lights.

Christmas Pedal at Espacio León - Digital de León

When will I be able to attend?

If you want to pass This Christmas pedal Just go to the Espacio León shopping center between days December 1, 2021 And January 5 2022. In order to participate you must Register on the platform This is there and indeed You will be able to pedal during your 10 minutes. The rules allow you to participate Repeatedly On the same day when Respect waiting lists And transformations.

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in order to know When can you participate This Christmas Pedal We Leave You tables Since its opening today December 1st Until closing day January 5.

Espacio León opens pedal game on Christmas 1
Photo taken from Espacioleon.es

And what do I win?

NS all participants Who decided to spend this Christmas riding our pedals very good news. There will be prizes for the participants.

  • Who travels the most distance every day You will receive a smart bulb a live google as a reward.
  • Who travels the most distance every week You will receive a electric bike.
  • Among all of these participants grown ups will be drawn 7 prizes one year from Electricity bill.

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