State Security uses a Christmas prison visit to harass Andy Garcia’s family

State Security uses a Christmas prison visit to harass Andy Garcia’s family

family Andy Denier Garcia LorenzoAnd are taken From 11J days ago Forcibly to Guamgal PrisonIn Villa Clara, He denounced that state security made them a close When they appeared on December 24 last in prison to visit him corresponding to Christmas.

“Instead of being a planned visit, they practically locked us up.”Diario de Cuba informed Roxana Diaz, the sister of the young prisoner, who is also Phone calls are rejected Two months in retaliation for his and his sister’s complaints.

“Instead of going to the prisoners’ visiting room, they took us to the head of the prison’s office,” said the young woman. “There we were met by a state security officer who called himself Daniel. There was me, my parents and my underage brother. In front of everyone, this man was telling me that the revolution had given me a lot and I was taking advantage of it. My brother’s suffering made me famous, to gain fame.”

The agent also made open threats to both Roxana and Andy. “He told me they were going to take revenge directly on Andy for everything he did. They said to my father, referring to me: “You see her so innocent now, but after a while you will realize the person she will be; don’t worry, she alone will commit her crime.”

The killer told Roxana that her crime was not “in the networks”.Referring to his publications denouncing the conditions of his brother and other prisoners, But for the initiative that leads through the Facebook group “Help the brave of 11J” that collects aid Food and cleaning, as well as phone recharging and transportation for relatives of many incarcerated.

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“As he told me he was going to fall prey, I told him to take advantage of the fact that we were in a women’s prison, because Guam is a women’s prison, and to leave me there. He was bothered by my reactions,” he said.

At the “meeting” there was also another agent who said he was responsible for Andy’s case and the head of the prison who did not intervene.

“There you find who is the boss. This is a step higher in their actions against us, because it was a trap. On December 24th, when families celebrate Christmas… We went with the emotion of seeing my brother and the united family and it turns out we bumped into this in front of a minor.”

Roxana added that when we finally got to meet Andy, they knew that revenge on him was going on.

“When Andy arrived in Guamgal, they told him that they would not allow him to have good relations in the new prison, and that they would make his life difficult for him there.. And it turned out that the one who approached him in the dungeon to meet, they changed the prison. They are also trying to discredit him and spread the word that my brother is working with them. “They are trying to strip all credibility,” he added.

“My brother will not give up. Six months in prison was completed in January and we still don’t have a trial date. With him they continue to interrogate the whole time there and threaten him‘, he confirmed.

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“We will not stop helping, nor will we publicize the injustices committed with all political prisoners. It is not about heroism, but about humanity, about realizing the situation. If something happens to me tomorrow or they arrest me, my family will tell how to do with my brother. My parents are firm.”

According to Roxana, the system is the real culprit of the decisions he made. “We were not opponents, although we have a different way of thinking, but it was my brother’s turn and above that, would you come and threaten me?”

Andy Donner Garcia Lorenzo is 23 and has also been threatened with adding new charges to his tax file if he and his family go ahead with the initiative to help other detainees.

Young demonstrator 11J faces a seven-year court petition for alleged crimes of public order, assault and contempt for power, the same crimes the regime attributes to the majority of the 600 detained and prosecuted for peaceful protest.

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