Strategies to maximize political space

Strategies to maximize political space

Halfway through the legislative path, the parties’ strategy is heading toward a two-front simultaneous election, of which the most obvious are left and right facing ones. At the same time, conflict is developing with the closest parties. Even the nationalists are competing with each other to consolidate their dominance, PNV against Bildu, ERC against JxCat and all against state parties.

In the left area, the PSOE is trying to bridge the gap opened by More Madrid. The latter is unlikely to generate growth in the rest of the territory but it has raised flags in the Madrid elections that socialism is trying to capitalize on, such as environment protection. In addition, the Socialist Party intends to absorb a high percentage of votes from its current partner in the government, which is increasingly dwindling every day.

United we can face a gradual disintegration that needs to be addressed in order to have aspirations to continue in government. He faces the void left by the excessive leadership of Pablo Iglesias and lack of references, ok just Yolanda Diaz You have demonstrated qualities even though you lack control over your organization. next to, UP suffers from the exhaustion of a model of radical activism in which the practice of government is fatal. They have not kept their promises as yesterday’s outburst turns against today when their meager influence in the executive branch is checked.

A core around which to rebuild is not in sight yet. united left It is a depleted formula, a confluence of centrifugal dynamics. Building a new left-wing party, a possible wish of the Minister of Labour, is neither quick nor easy. The Alliance of Circumstances which is only the umbrella of the shortcut soup will reveal the contradictions. Not to forget that both Minister Díaz and Añigo Errejon can be tempted by the Socialist Workers Party to join their candidates even if they are independents.

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On the right, the confrontation is larger

On the right the front is larger. As soon as the election Citizens Because of their repeated mistakes, the few leaders in Andalusia, Castilla-Leon, or in the Madrid City Council, know that their political future will be scant unless they join their partner in government, the Popular Party. As for the struggle of the People’s Party with Vox, it arises in very contradictory terms. On the one hand, both are required to support different governments. As far as relations deteriorate, Vox cannot stop voting for the People’s Party without causing significant damage to its ranks. The People’s Party is forced to educate the most radical voter without intimidating the most liberal, which Vox will not fail to take advantage of to highlight the contradictions.

The 2023 regional and municipal elections are already looming. Whether they are public or later, they will show the success or failure of the above strategies whose ultimate goal, common to all of them, is to modify the political map. Times do not favor extremes. Economic recovery and employment, European finance and the end of the pandemic do not marry poorly with disastrous or fundamental approaches. @Globalism

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