Summary of the match Tigres Feminel vs Riyada (0-0). end of 2021

Summary of the match Tigres Feminel vs Riyada (0-0).  end of 2021

San Nicolas de los Heroes /

Not his streak of 40 games without losing And don’t be the best team in the women’s league they deserved Tigres will win the championship three times, since he forgave the Amazons for 90 minutes in the Vuelta arc, and after 0-0 on Monday and 2-2 overall, Punishments were not theirs and fell on a leader in his house and with his people.

from the hand Alejandria Godinez, who stopped two penaltiesThe gang achieved their second title in their history (Apertura 2019 and Apertura 2021) by leaving the score 3-1 on penalties.

There was an intense duel at the Vuelta, where, despite the Amazons’ supremacy, the two teams fought to win the title at the Regio 26 Women’s Classic, for which For the first time in its history, it threw a goalless draw, so everything had to be decided from 11 steps, as Godens, the goalkeeper in the biaziol, was dressed as the heroine.

Tigres opened the penalty shootout, only Liliana Mercado scored; By Rayadas, despite the pressure of the whole university, they scored Desiree Monsevas, Mariana Cadena and Rebecca Bernal, so three valas de las Orizol was his grave.

Nancy Antonio’s first shot is in her right hand Godínez sent it to the crossbar So you don’t get into that ball; after Lisbeth O’Vale wanted to pull a little bit in the middle They guessed it would stop. finally, Hope was Nellie Rangel, but she put the ball on the post The round culminated 3-1 in favor of the piazlats.

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