Tamaulipas protest, “We are not a town”

Tamaulipas protest, “We are not a town”

With the launch of his new movie and the awards ceremony for it kudaAnd the Eugenio Derbez He grabbed the headlines and the attention of the whole world, but not only for this project but also for a new one and some of the comments he made about “Paloma Noyola”a young woman known for her great intelligence and a very positive story.

Despite the fact that he will be making a production about the aforementioned young woman, the Mexican actor and director made the comment that the people of Mexico did not like it at all. MatamorosAnd the Tamaulipasthe birthplace of “Job Girl”.

Seemingly Famous He said a few words that annoyed the citizens a lot, referring to the mentioned town as having no electricity or paved streets.

be formulations Some of the users who live there didn’t like it at all, so they decided to take a piece of cardboard, write a letter, and take to the streets to protest the product’s claim of their words.

The actor used some words that did not help much, some netizens told him that this is not true, that his city is not a town, that they have paved streets and electricity.

That is why a regional coordinator of a political party and some citizens wrote a few words on banners and spread their message on the streets and on social networks, hoping that Derbez would be able to read it.


The user and other citizens drew the attention of Internet users with their protest.

In addition, the Internet user uses the hashtag #OigameNo, trying to bring a sense of humor to the situation, for which he won the support of many people on social networks.

The businessman also added that he is very pleased that his city is an inspiration to great people like Eugenio Derbez, but when it comes to defending it, he will also be there to answer those who are incorrectly speaking about it.

Some users have dedicated themselves to rating Eugenio Derbez and asked him to visit Matamoros before making similar statements, something the famous man no longer takes with so many people talking about.

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