The offer of environmental services also had its place in the “neighborhood government”

The offer of environmental services also had its place in the “neighborhood government”

Dagma’s operational teams have met the requirements of the Llano Verde community during the “Government to Neighborhood” day.

Effective care for 355 requirements Presented by the community, and the participation of the Administrative Department of Environmental Management – Al-Daghma was balanced on the first day of “neighborhood government”which was held on Saturday (04.02.222) in the Llano Verde sector (community 15).

The eight operational groups that develop inspection, control and control procedures, which are reinforced by environmental, nursery and animal welfare governance, are arranged to serve the public. This has also enabled the implementation of environmental education and awareness activities.

During the day, situations affecting the environmental health of the sector were identified and addressed, such as the clandestine waste disposal point, said Franklin Castillo, Deputy Director of Environmental Quality. Likewise, a subpoena was issued for improper disposal of waste and 13 small generators of construction and demolition (RCD) waste were visited, to instruct them on the proper management of waste.

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Only in the care of the tree component, the dagma was able to identify and register 26 new trees in the neighborhood. It also conducted phytosanitary diagnostics on 20 individuals, replaced 36 trees, and, with the support of Veolia Sewerage, cut down 192 trees in neighborhood greens, streets, and alleys. At the time, the animal care group reported caring for 13 animals with a vaccination and five for deworming.

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within a day “neighborhood government”Director of the Administrative Department of Environmental Management, Francie Restrepo, accompanied by Mayor Jorge Ivan Ospina, inspects the progress of work in biodiversity parkWhich is being built by the district authority in this area and which is scheduled to be handed over to the community next May.

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