Technopolis: Ambiente will reopen climate change areas, national parks and wetlands

Technopolis: Ambiente will reopen climate change areas, national parks and wetlands

The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, led by Juan Cabande, will open its doors on Friday, January 7 at 4:00 pm, at Technopolis, a platform for climate change, wetlands and national parks that will seek to provide visitors with recreational experiences that deepen their knowledge of the topics.

The Climate Change Pavilion will feature a 180-degree special effects simulator where causes and consequences will be comprehensively addressed in order to inform the public and advocate for environmental action. Additionally, you can find an interactive space with up-to-date information on the greenhouse gas inventory.

The multi-sensory experience, through the simulator, will simulate the effects of climate change such as more frequent floods, more severe droughts, more frequent wildfires and the consequences of these extreme events such as migration, food loss and water shortage, among others. The measures that are being implemented to resolve it through the general policies led by the national government will also be shown.

Meanwhile, the sector designated for national parks is an area consisting of a corridor where you can learn about protected areas through sub-areas divided by regions, with informative videos. It is surrounded by a tunnel of sensory experiences and a space with screens that allow to see what is different 360 degree gardens and virtual reality glasses. The space contains an information panel about the flora and fauna in the parks and a map of the country in the relief.

In this sense, the National Environment Agency has developed an area with information on this type of ecosystem on the property’s wetlands. The various sectors around the wetlands can be visited with an audio guide, through a dynamic, playful and educational tour that seeks to raise awareness about the benefits these natural spaces provide to the ecosystem, flora and fauna.

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The Tecnópolis Wetland is a six-hectare artificial reservoir, created to contain the rainwater that accumulates in the area. Many birds rest in this lake and feed there.

To visit the park, open from Friday to Sunday and holidays from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm, tickets must be drawn here.

It is worth noting that based on the new procedures established by the Ministry of Health in the country, a health permit must be submitted for this.

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