“Tell us how a dictatorship can finance you”

“Tell us how a dictatorship can finance you”


For the Cuban broadcaster, those who trust the singer’s change want to see him “reveal” others

Alex Ottola asks Alexander to answer some questions and the singer dodges him (Image: Youtube Capture)

During his Hola! Ota-Ola, On 8 April, Cuban broadcaster Alex Ottola described the ideological change of the Gente de Zona (GDZ) group as “wonderful”, in particular its member Alexandre Delgado.

However, in addition to applause for the singer’s separation from the ranks of the Cuban regime, Ottola believes that this is not enough, but to really help in overcoming the dictatorship of the island, the others continue to open their eyes from a political point of view and do not dare to take the step.

He challenged the Cuban broadcaster Delgado to accompany him to an interview and made a public invitation. Ottola wants the artist to be able to reveal how everything the system does and its list of privileged recipients have “unraveled” while people are depleted in the worst economic and social crisis.

“They don’t stay in the intentions to help, but explain how the intertwines that they know about because they were a part of it form.”

Alex Otaola’s message to Alexander Delgado’s team was strong but with the goal of developing a “professional” business that goes beyond its limits. More specifically, what Alex wants is to bear his name and his compatriot can reveal these processes related to how “entanglement” works on the island to reach the luxury homes.

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But not only that, but also the ability to explain to Cubans and the world at large, how they managed to get into sports vehicles in order to have fun with a little.

“People want to know everything, these are the people who trust change and applaud and join Patria y Vida. It is time to do it,” Ottola said.

“I think if you have changed, you can give an interview, where I would like you to tell us how you feel you are financed by the dictatorship and how much the dictatorship you know is financed. It is necessary to clarify the entanglement that no one removes and that they reveal the masks of others,” the sentenced.

From there, the controversial presenter left the question open to Cubans as to whether they would dare to see and hear these answers about how a few privileged themselves in the face of many people’s needs.

“Who declares properties? Who prefers artists who do not speak? What are their requests?” It is just one of the questions Ottola asked Alexandre Delgado.

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