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Atenas and Rambla Juniors match an amazing match at the Stade de Charois on the first date of the Liga de Ascenso Professional. There were goals and uncertainty until the end.

Matias Britos tries to control the ball under pressure from Charles Zurez.

The Atenas and Rampla Juniors draw at Charrúa Stadium rewarded both. It was an intense match, with the constant search for the opponent’s target. The intensity earned a place until the final whistle of the referee. And the three good saves of goalkeeper Fernando Laforia, in the second half, showed that Diego Forlan’s team reached more in this way for the possibility of winning.

Athena admired the stunning start with its individual quality. He armed himself with well-known first-team players to consider making a comeback. So, despite the number of absences due to COVID-19, he has shown that he is one of the candidates for something. Cristian Teixeira’s talent brought him closer to the goal cry. Former River Plate received a superb pass from Roberto Fernandez and handed the penalty – the hand of defender Joaquin Machado who claimed the referee’s decision – and Matias Britos, former Peñarol, fired the net.

The Techera effect left another sample of quality in the coupling and the great imaging it gave in landscape mode. In the Tenfield photos, it was imagined the ball had crossed the line but the referees didn’t notice it.

The Rampla Juniors got up with the organization given to him by Juan Albín and the great showing of Colombian Joshuan Berrios. The 24-year-old striker, an athlete for his country, fired quickly and converted the goal into a remarkable acceleration with the help of Pablo Pereira from the left flank. Then, Rogerverde led by Ruben Silva, did not take advantage of playing with another one for Red Federico Perez.

Thursday’s Sunshine began at Charrúa Stadium with the emotional Rampla Juniors paying tribute – through President Daniel Bianchi – to the fans’ relatives and legendary partners who passed away this year in eternal memory. Meanwhile, football was at the height of the new professional promotion league.

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