The Best 5 Browsing History Trackers for Everyone

The Best 5 Browsing History Trackers for Everyone

As technology continues to evolve, more solutions become available at our disposal. In the past, subtly checking someone’s browser details was almost impossible. Thanks to web history tracker apps, it is now possible to see someone’s browsing history without manually accessing their device every time.

Why Would You Check Someone Else’s Browser History?

Finding out what someone is browsing on the internet can be pretty beneficial. The internet is a go-to place for almost everyone who owns a smartphone or a computer. Hence, you are bound to uncover a lot of useful information with a browsing history tracker app. Though some argue that checking someone’s browser history is a violation of privacy, most concerned parents, spouses, and employers would disagree.

So, what are the common reasons why you’d need to use a website history tracker?

To Supervise Your Kids

Now more than ever, it is easy for children to gain access to the seedier parts of the internet. To ensure this doesn’t happen, installing an internet history tracking app on their device is vital.

To Protect Your Loved Ones from Being Scammed

As black hat hackers continue perfecting their craft, more people, including parents and relatives, fall victim to their traps. It is wise to monitor the activity of the people you care about and ensure their safety.

To Monitor Your Employees’ Activities

As an employer, you need to ensure your workers are focused on their jobs and remain loyal to the company. A history tracking tool will help you make this possible.

To Expose an Unfaithful Spouse

Given that many people use dating and social media platforms to cheat, a web browsing history tracker is ideal for checking what websites your spouse was browsing.

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Top 5 Browser History Tracker Apps

If you’d like to keep tabs on what someone is following online, consider getting either of the following apps:

  • eyeZy
  • TiPSY
  • iKeyMonitor
  • Spyier


For many parents, the internet is not a safe space for children to be without supervision. Apart from the fact that kids get access to explicit content, they also get exposed to violence and bullying. Thanks to eyeZy, parents now have the opportunity to keep their kids safe by monitoring their browsing activity. This website history tracking software is top of its kind and allows you to track and store all the activities on someone’s phone. allows you to check multiple other things, including call logs, chats, and GPS locations. Apart from being compatible with Android and iOS devices, the app also offers 24-hour customer support.


Some spy apps require one to jailbreak the target phone, but not this phone history tracker. For all concerned spouses, parents, and employees, TiPSY makes spying easy by providing you with details about when and what your target is browsing. Besides time stamps, this app also provides you with specific website URLs of the sites visited.


Whether you want to spy on an Android or iOS device, this internet history tracking app will do the trick. For you to use this spyware, you don’t even require much technical expertise. All the information you need, including date and time stamps, URLs, and titles of visited websites, is accessible. This spyware also allows you to take screenshots if need be.

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Spyier makes monitoring someone’s browsing data effortless. It allows you to check someone’s browsing activity either on your smartphone or computer. This website history tracking app reports on the frequently visited sites and even provides descriptions of the visited pages. This website also includes timestamps of activities and allows you to see the most frequently visited web pages. You need access to the target device to install and use this app.


Monitoring what other people are doing online is now a seamless process. Given that we spend most of our time on the internet, there is more than enough reason to check what someone is doing online. Nobody understands this better than parents and spouses. For anyone interested in monitoring someone else’s online activity, applications like eyeZy should help.

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