With solid and determined performance, the Flamenco Copa Libertadores advanced to the final ‘| Football | Sports

With solid and determined performance, the Flamenco Copa Libertadores advanced to the final ‘|  Football |  Sports

The Brazilian press analyzed Menga’s victory over Barcelona SC in the first leg of the semi-finals of the Continental tournament.

Flamengo won the first round of the 2021 Copa Libertadores semi-final 2-0 against Barcelona SC.. The Bruno Henrik double After the help of Gabriel Barbosa and Whitinho, the team led by Renato Gaucho was allowed to take advantage of the second game on September 29 at the memorial Banco Pichincha Stadium.

To the Brazilian media Journal to Brazil, Flamenco “Copa Libertadores set foot in the final”, Highlighting the work played by Rio de Janeiro, especially in the first half, when Henrik’s goals fell.

“With solid and determined performance, especially in the first half, Flamenco set foot in the final of the Copa Libertadores.

In addition, Henry had a “good rapport” with Gabriel Barbosa (Copicol) and “good compatibility” with Vitino, the co-scores of Menkow’s victories.

However, “the Rio de Janeiro team left the field with the idea that they could do more” as the “bulls” played the entire second half with a lower player “as Nixon Molina was sent off for a discount last time. First half, for a mistake on the field over Henrik.

The media elevated the quality of the match and compared it to the other key between Palmeiras and Atletico Miniro, a geeky and emotionless game. “Without fear of taking risks, both teams created one of these Libertadores’ best 45 minutes and sought to attack.”

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Assessing Diego Alves’ basic savings against shots by Gonzalo Mastriani and Nixon Molina, the media highlighted the first 15 minutes of the Barcelona counter-goal, “something Fla is not accustomed to facing”. Minutes of the game. But “everything changed in 21 minutes” as soon as the scoreboard was opened.

“Without being intimidated and taking too many risks, Flamenco had a good advantage in the Libertadores semifinals,” the newspaper concluded. (D)

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