The Best PDF Tools for Teachers

The Best PDF Tools for Teachers

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           Being a teacher can be difficult, and during the pandemic, many saw just how difficult it could be. Although teaching can be hard, there are ways to make it easier for teachers, parents, and students. Having the right tools can make a difficult situation more manageable and augment the abilities of teachers to help students achieve. These tools are not just erasers and pencils these days, especially during the increasingly remote educational world we live in. Teachers teach because it’s what they love, and nothing is better than helping young minds grow, and when given the proper resources, they can achieve a great deal.

            Even though many people might think of something more tangible when discussing teaching tools, one of the best and most useful things in an educator’s arsenal is a sound PDF editor. Why is that? Well, the ability to manage and edit PDFs is a great asset since a lot of their work exists as a combination of in-class work and online documentation. PDFs are an essential asset in the classroom. Besides a PDF editor, there are other tools for teachers regarding PDFs. PDFs can be managed, split, edited, and converted. This allows for teachers to create a variety of documents that can be grouped together, separated, or edited depending on what the needs of the class are. Teaching during the COVID-19 era is challenging, but the ability for teachers to effectively document and prepare reduces the stress of this and makes it much easier.


           A PDF editor is a program that allows a user to edit a PDF. While that may sound obvious, there is a lot more to it which can be particularly useful. Being able to edit documents in PDF form means being able to create and input information. A PDF editor such as Lumin PDF can easily be found online. Some editors are free and others are paid, but it really depends on what you need it for, since different editors come with different tools for various purposes.

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           For teachers, this is immensely helpful for a variety of reasons. Teachers can use a PDF editor to input information about the students and chart their progress. Also with a PDF editor, teachers can take a blank PDF and make it into whatever they want. If a teacher wants to create a test, study guide, or just some informational sheets for the lesson, then it can be done with an online PDF editor. Being a teacher means being responsible for the education of another and having the ability to edit and create the means of education is vital, so by having an online PDF editing service, teachers are able to achieve their purpose.

Photo by Max Fischer from Pexels


           A PDF converter is a program that takes one file type and changes it into a PDF. For example, many people like to type using Microsoft Word, but for their purposes, this file type will not do; therefore, they will need a PDF conversion service. This is great because it allows anyone to change a file type to a PDF for work, school or any other purpose. PDFs are often required for certain projects and many businesses prefer or mandate certain file types and those are often PDFs. So, if someone did their calculations in Excel, they could easily convert them to a PDF for their job.

           For teachers this is incredibly useful since like people in the business world, they do their work across many different mediums. They might write lesson plans in word and need them in PDF form for teachers’ meetings, or they might prepare lessons in PowerPoint but need them in a printable PDF format for the students. There are an innumerable number of ways for teachers to use converters in the classroom. These converters can generally be found online for free but it’s always good to check and see if the service comes with a cost. Also, it is good to check the security with any third-party application when dealing with sensitive material.

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           A PDF compressor is a tool that allows a PDF to be made smaller in size and sent through another application such as email. PDF files can sometimes be exceptionally large and take up a lot of space due to the length and image files included in the PDF. This means that having a PDF compressor will give the user the ability to send the information to another user(s). The reason that this is so useful is that since we are sending large volumes of information through the PDF, it oftentimes cannot be sent this way, so we must first compress the PDF before we can send it. If you are in the business world or in the educational sphere this is vital.

For teachers, this is great because having a compressor allows you to send PDF in email formats to students, teachers, or even parents. An example of this would be if there was an exceptionally large text such as a small textbook or workbook or even a study guide, sending it through an email without compression would basically be impossible; however, when you use an online PDF compressor this can become an achievable task. As mentioned, PDF compressors can be found online and many of these are free, and can be found easily through a quick Google search.

PDF Merger

           A PDF merger, as the name would suggest, is a tool that allows someone to merge two or more PDFs together into a single document. Many times, we are working with several different documents at once and we need to, at the end of the project, combine these documents into a single file. This is where a PDF merger or PDF merging service can be of use. Like the PDF compressor, a PDF merger can be found quickly through an online search. Just be sure to check out which one is best for you.

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           For teachers, there is an obvious use with PDF mergers and that is to be able to take multiple documents that they have been working on, such as those for a test or for some presentation, and combine them into a single PDF that can then be printed or emailed to the students by using the compressor. PFD mergers, especially when combined with other PDF tools, are a great asset to teachers not only during this COVID-19 era, but going forward into the future.

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