The Bureau of Meteorology issues a yellow warning for Wales because sub-zero temperatures bring danger of snow and ice

The Bureau of Meteorology issues a yellow warning for Wales because sub-zero temperatures bring danger of snow and ice

Some of the coldest air of the year so far is expected to sweep Wales this week, causing temperatures as low as -7 ° C at times.

The freezing air may also be accompanied by ice, snow, and frost at some locations, which prompted the Met Office to issue a yellow weather warning across the country.

With clouds clear across Wales throughout the night on Wednesday, extremely low-cold air with below-freezing temperatures will move widely on Thursday morning.

The southwest coast of Wales will bear the brunt of the freezing air, with subliminal temperatures ranging from 0 to -7 ° C. Meanwhile, the northern parts of Wales and the southwest will be more seasonal at around 0 to -1 ° C.

Thursday morning temperatures may drop to -7 ° C.

Anyone heading outside should prepare for the spread of frost and icy patches on the roads.

The Yellow Ice Weather Warning, which covers every local authority in Wales, will go into effect at 5 p.m. as a mixture of freezing rain and snow is expected across the country.

According to the warning, “A more continuous wave of rain and hilly snow is likely to spread south through northern England and northern Wales during Thursday evening and night. While ice is expected to be the main risk, it is likely that snow will fall in places as well.”

A yellow icy weather warning was issued across Wales on Thursday and Friday

Snow and frost are expected on Friday

Snow is most likely to be found across the highlands of Wales, with a chance of falling 1–3 cm.

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It could decrease in other locations, according to expectations, but accumulations are likely to be “minor and temporary”.

You could see a vast swath of the country stretching from Langholman and Brecon north to Wealth Wells, Lanodin, Welshpool and Plainau Westinjug, flakes flying during the hail wave.

While only essential travel is currently permitted in Wales, those who have to get out of the house should prepare for delays and slippery spots on roads, especially on untreated roads.

Here’s what to expect where you live:








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