The Chinese monster will be 1 km long and powered by solar energy

The Chinese monster will be 1 km long and powered by solar energy

China has officially launched the project to build the largest spacecraft assembled outside Earth.

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National Science Foundation of China The researchers gave five years to study the assembly of a huge spacecraft.

The scientists were assigned to work under an extreme emergency protocol on this project.

Initial research understands development and production challenges, ie. Building a light spacecraft with the possibility of installing it in orbit and controlling it from space.

The project will also develop practical applications for potentially mega projects, including massive space solar power plants. These stations will collect solar energy and transmit it to Earth via microwaves.

It is one kilometer long and is the largest to date space ship China describes it as exceptional space equipment necessary for future space exploration, revealing the secrets of the universe, and long-term installation of extraterrestrial planets. The research will focus on reducing the weight of the spacecraft, and more than 10 studies have already begun during the month, including scientists in the fields of mathematics, physics and chemistry.

While this project is in progress Chinese Academy of Aerospace Technology (to throw) Will develop terrestrial and space solar panels solar farms They collect huge amounts of solar energy on Earth and in space.

China is currently in the process of building a three-module 66-ton space station, which will be machined piece by piece during 11 missions, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

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