The CNE excluded the mayors of the municipalities of Tobores and Vialba in Nueva Esparta

The CNE excluded the mayors of the municipalities of Tobores and Vialba in Nueva Esparta

The logo of the National Electoral Council (CNE) is seen at its headquarters in Caracas on April 23, 2024. (Photo by Gabriela Ora/AFP)

Mayors José María Fermín, from the municipality of Villalba (Cochi Island), and Iraima Vázquez, from the municipality of Tobores, were surprised by the publication on the page of the National Electoral Council, in which a prohibition of holding a public office or position appears in accordance with the provisions in the current constitutional or legal regulations of the electoral entity.

Dixie Geddes / Reporter

The exclusion occurred after the visit of María Corina Machado, political mentor of presidential candidate Edmundo González Urrutia, to the state of Nueva Esparta, six days ago.

Officials were not aware of this action, as they were not legally notified of the situation, so the reasons for this were not revealed.

The mayor of TB abandoned the ranks of the Democratic Action Party, considered the “Scorpions”, to support González Urrutia.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Cochin actively participated on stage during Machado's recent visit to the island, even presenting him with a mullet egg at the public event.

Neither mayor elected in the regional elections in November 2021 wanted to comment on the matter.

“The editor once said: ‘Freedom is the only goal worth sacrificing men’s lives.’ “Today with you more than ever until the end,” @mariacorinamachado, Fermin wrote Wednesday morning on his Instagram account.

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