The company’s vice is among the creditors of Inabie

The company’s vice is among the creditors of Inabie

A company owned by Vice Altagracia Yarelys Encarnación Gerónimo is among the suppliers seeking repayment of debts from the National Student Welfare Institute (Inabie).

Amount of debts to the agent with the agent company It will exceed 12 million pesos.

The representative, in an affidavit of assets, reported five outstanding invoices for payment by Inabie to the company “Multiservicios Gerónimo, EIRL” She is the owner and manager.

The total amount that Inabi owes to the representative’s firm, according to her affidavit, is S$5,882,935.68. however, The amount can be higher than the amount reported by the legislator Since the Corporation, in its supplier account statement dated November 2021, reflects Four more bills To those posted by the deputy and adding to the other five, a total postal $12,155,380.80 is owed.

This method tried to contact Deputy for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) by San José de Ocoa to explain why his company had debts with Inabie, but avoided providing data.

Law No. 340-06 on Procurement and Contracts defines in Article 14 of the persons who cannot be “offering or contracting with the State,” including Senators and Representatives.

A similar case in which this law was violated occurred recently when journalist Alicia Ortega revealed that senator from Maria Trinidad Sanchez County, Alexis Victoria Yip, had entered into contracts with the state through his companies.

Next, the Director of Public Procurement and Contracting explained that Victoria IB “should never contract with the state” and that its agreements “violate the law”.

“The law does not discriminate as to whether there is inconsistency because the contract is worth 1 pesos or 100 million pesos. What is very clear in the report is that the senator should never have contracted with the state since he took up his duties in the House of Representatives,” Pimentel said during an interview. Elders of the Republic.

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Soon after, in another public statement, and in light of the cases of corruption complaints referring to INABI, the head of the Procurement and Contracting Department confirmed that within INABI was a corrupt network between officials and suppliers within the respective institution.

Other violations of the law

Why did the representative refer to only five bills in her affidavit? This question may lead to another violation of the law that “justifies” the absence of the remaining four debts.

In this case, the violation would be Law 311-14 related to the sworn declaration of heritage, because the San Jose de Ocoa County representative did not submit her declaration on the date stipulated in the legislative article.

The aforementioned law, which requires lawmakers to provide an affidavit of their assets, gives a 30-day period after their inauguration (August 16, 2020) to deliver it.

Your late declaration, thus violating the law, This can be checked by the “List of Identified Elected Officials Who Have Not Submitted Their DJP as of 04-27-2021” provided by the Accounts Room, where their names can be found.

However, already for the following list, his name has been removed from the list, and if we add to this the additional bills presented by Inabie, which the deputy did not mention, starting to run from May 2021, arguments are added that confirm the hypothesis as to why other debts are not placed .

An additional detail is that the representative claims to have left her company, Multiservicios Gerónimo, EIRL, in April 2021, but also claims to have invested capital with 100 shares or social shares within the same entity worth NT$10,000.

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The company does not appear

With two public information access requests, this outlet has requested Inabie and Contrataciones Pública to obtain the contracts that the Rep Company has obtained from August 16, 2020 to date, however, both entities indicated that in their databases “no contract records have been reported “

Despite this response, the general contracting company did not leave a single possibility open: “It should be noted that this certification does not cover contracts that can be entered into with any organization and / or municipalities located or carrying out transactions outside our registration system.”

More than the results, this process continues to raise doubts with uncertain answers.

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