The Cuban authorities announced new measures for air transport from November 7

The Cuban authorities announced new measures for air transport from November 7

The Cuban Company for Airports and Airport Services (ICASA) announced on Friday New procedures related to air transport Which will be implemented from November 7, a week before the country’s tourist opening Radio Rebeldy.

Among the new provisions announced by the state entity Suspension of transfers related to institutional isolation, for centers and hotels designated for this type of situation, for travelers coming by everyone Airports Cubans.

However, Ikasa made it clear will keep moving travelers That come out of the hotels of solitude Until the end of their evacuation while also authorizing the collection of passengers and baggage at airports by their own means.

The state entity also announced another set of measures that will enter into force on November 15, among them Finding the gradual re-establishment of arrivals and departures through airportsAnd modify the capabilities of these facilities with new health protocols.

While, Health procedures applied to aircraft passengers and during their stay at airports will be maintained.Such as the use of the mask, disinfection of hands, footsteps, safety distance between people, and limiting the use of means and facilities.

Government Cuba The island’s borders will be “gradually” opened from November 15 Because the country cannot continue to be closed to the landmarks of the cityauthorities claimed.

for weeks Official numbers of Covid-19 cases are declining While the number of people immunized with vaccines made on the island is on the rise. The local authorities in Havana opened the beaches, the gastronomy, Tours and theaters between provinces.

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TheFlights to Havana Airport will increase little by little It is expected that by November that companies They stopped flying in early 2021 Because of the rebound in cases of Covid-19.

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