The eldest daughter of Isabella Camille and Sergio Mayer makes her acting debut

The eldest daughter of Isabella Camille and Sergio Mayer makes her acting debut
After talking like never before about her romantic relationship with Luis Miguel, I’m looking for Camille One hundred focuses on her best role, which is that of a mother, and uses her free time to support her daughter in everything Antonia Mayer Camille, Who will be making his artistic debut.

Let’s remember that Isabella Camille combines her career with her work as a mother and that is why she fully supports her is being Older on her next debut.

We travel because Antonia has a job. She stayed in (Movie) , right on time. They asked us not to say anything. “Camille explained in an interview with various media outlets.

“It’s an exceptional movie. Usually, she’d come with her toys and wait for me. Now I’m waiting for her.”Mutual. “Great (project), with Extraordinary actorsLovable actress added.

Antonia Mayer tells Camille how she managed to get the role in the movie and how her father reacted when he got the character to play. “It wasn’t that difficult PourI only had to recognize two scenes and it was really easy.It is to explain.

She is very happy.

“My Father (Sergio MayerHe told me it’s a very important business for us FamilyFor obvious reasons, I would be very grateful for having this opportunity.Antonia concluded.
No further details were disclosed yet.

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