Video: The Unexpected End of the Toe Challenge

Video: The Unexpected End of the Toe Challenge

ESPN shared a video a few days ago at tik tok from U.S a challenge Which ended in an unexpected way. Two young men “competing” attempted to shoot a ball from their backs to a hoop. biscuit. But the result caused a surprise among users because one of the competitors made an unexpected launch.

The video published by the International Sports Network was more than 33 million production, with 1.6 million likes and 45.7 thousand comments. In the film it is clear that a young man, dressed in red, tried his shot and was close to scoring, when the ball touched the backboard and then the ring. The second young man imitates all the gestures of his partner: standing on the line, measures the distance to the goal and when he will throw the ball, Deliberately aiming and hitting a third person with a camera or cell phonewho suffers the impact and records every movement of the blow.

Original video, posted by Rafael Iglesias’s photo, Posted Aug 2020. tiktoker shared the post “You have to see my awesome launch”.


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ball out. The end is already known.

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