The first lady is waiting for law and order “and the wand” from the new chief of police

The first lady is waiting for law and order “and the wand” from the new chief of police

Santo Domingo, RD.

First Lady Raquel Arbagi is waiting for the new director of the National Police Law and Order and “The Cudgel”.

The comment comes after the publication of a video clip of then-General Eduardo Alberto, this morning, the new director of the National Police, who held a party hosted by the mayor of Barahona during the hours of the curfew.

“This is the new Director of Police, then Eduardo Alberto. The theoretical framework is being presented today, but the practice will emerge. The citizens will be the judges, as a Dominican I wish they could say law and order and stick,” the first lady wrote on her Twitter account.

Then-President Luis Abenader was appointed as Director of Police to replace General Edward Sanchez, who had been in the position since August 16, 2020.

Faced with a response from a user on the same social network Twitter, the first lady responded again: “You know what I mean by macana. Don’t pervert. The National Police have good men and women. That it is enforced is not in the population. Wow how I hate it! And that he doesn’t even know me.” But have a good day and get good money for your feedback.”

Faced with another response from a user who said she hoped the change could move freely between Villa Joanna and Villa Consuelo, the first lady answered again, “This will take months. But I look forward to seeing the performance. And it’s not just one person. But from what I’ve heard, it’s A brave and decisive man.”

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