The former guardian of Lacalle Pou used video cameras on the streets of Montevideo to control his illegal business

The former guardian of Lacalle Pou used video cameras on the streets of Montevideo to control his illegal business
Estesiano remains in preventive detention until March 2023 for being the leader of a network that falsified Russian documents to obtain a Uruguayan identity card and passport.

Alexander Estesianformer custodian of Louis Lacalle BoHer office was at the seat of the Uruguayan government. After his arrest, the place was searched and closed by order of the President. Since the days of the prosecutor in the case, Gabriella FossatiHe toured the office and seized several confidential documents from the Ministry of Interior, including some police files from the Public Security Management System and captured from video surveillance cameras operated by the Police Unified Command Center. As mentioned Country, It was not via a search warrant, but entry was enabled voluntarily.

Astesiano is one of the main members of the counterfeiting network Of the Russian citizens who managed to obtain Uruguayan citizenship through the illegal modification of birth certificates. He is currently being held in pretrial detention until March 2023.

As the head of presidential security, Estesiano can be a direct link between the Ministry of the Interior and the police. In this position, he had the ability to “request support and resources at any time” from public bodies and private entities, with public institutions obligated to “provide direct cooperation, support or information requested” with the “urgency and/or priority” set forth by Astesian .

In addition, it can “collect information from any national or foreign agency, regarding the possible risks to the person of the President of the Republic, his immediate relatives and any other person he identifies.”

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From the attorney general’s office, they are dealing with the possibility that Estesiano may have used part of the video surveillance file in his office for his personal illegal actions, according to reports. observer. The media reported that the former guardian of Lacalle Pou had frequented one of the offices of the Security and Monitoring Service – located at the Government House – and asked to see various points of the city unrelated to his work.

Physalía is also studying whether the consulate in Moscow He participated in the organization dedicated to falsifying Russian documents so that citizens of the Eurasian country could obtain Uruguayan citizenship and passport. As it was known, in some data sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, officials of Russian nationality appear with access to the identity card and the passport management system.

Among other things, cell photos, birth certificates and letters of former police officers requesting presidential detention were confiscated. Six leaders, among others from various government agencies apparently linked to the network, are currently under investigation. After experience on Estesiano’s cell phone, he learns that the ex-guardian has requested “favors from the heads of bodies”.

Gabriela Fossati, the prosecutor in the case, will devote herself exclusively to this investigation and will not be responsible for other cases, according to the court’s prosecutor, Juan Gómez, for Channel 5. “Dr Fossati is working on a very difficult case. Even foreseeing the difficulties involved in this investigation, Gomez explained, we spared her two-month shifts.”

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