The government will open a tender to finish Las Barras prison

The government will open a tender to finish Las Barras prison

The government, through the Ministry of Housing and Buildings (Mived), will open the bidding process “in the coming days” for the completion of the Las Barras Correction and Rehabilitation Center (CCR), located in the municipality of San Antonio de Guerra.

The information was issued via a press release, indicating that the so-called “Prison Reform Plan Monitoring Committee” agreed to “no objection” to the process, and gave the green light to begin it.

During a meeting chaired by Housing Minister Carlos Bonilla and Chairman of the Prison Reform Plan Monitoring Committee Jorge Sobero Issa, the report of the technical subcommittee composed of the faculties of engineering of the Autonomous University of Kosovo Santo Domingo (UASD), the Iberoamerican University (Unibe), the Technical Institute of Santo Domingo (Intec) was presented. ), Pedro Henriquez Urena National University (Unphu), mother and teacher at the Pontifical Catholic University (Pucmm).

After the meeting, Bonilla promised to comply with the decisions taken by the Prison Reform Plan Monitoring Committee and said that in the coming days MiFID will upload the tender for the reconstruction of the work on the procurement and contracting portal.

Meanwhile, Judge Subirou Issa confirmed that the Prison Reform Plan Monitoring Committee, appointed by President Louis Abi Nader, pursuant to Decree 186-24, accepted the proposals of the technical subcommittee composed of the aforementioned universities.

“As Chairman of the Committee, I feel very satisfied that I have contributed to this country, and I appreciate the support and hard work of the Technical Subcommittee, the long working hours, and the understanding of Minister Carlos Bonilla, as well as that of his technical team that was decisive in this,” he stressed.

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For his part, Omar Segura, dean of the College of Engineering at UASD and coordinator of the technical subcommittee, said that not objecting to the Las Barras tender is a step forward so that the prison facility can be operated and thus reduce the size of the prison population at La Victoria Correctional Center.

About the committee

On April 5, Abi Nader issued Decree 186-24, which states that the committee will cooperate with the relevant authorities to complete the legal, administrative and logistical procedures necessary to license the new Las Barras facility, and to adapt the infrastructure rescue of the city of Las Barras. Victoria and other specific tasks assigned by the Presidency of the Republic.

The aim of this facility is to reduce overcrowding in the La Victoria National Prison, as well as to maintain the conditions of those deprived of liberty detained in this facility.

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