The health of our ancestors underwater

The health of our ancestors underwater

On Saturday, the General Hospital, located on Calle Sarmiento, woke up from the floods, the area hardest hit by Covid-19. Local workers deplore that for more than 20 years the building has been in such conditions, and this happens in strong storms, which logically affects the conditions of workers and patient care.

As evidenced by the videos accessed to this medium, local staff evacuated the water in the morning but reported a disgusting smell and were unable to evacuate patients because the elderly are at risk of falling and suffering fractures, which is risky and unhealthy to operate in this way. They also mention that the place is very run down and infested with rats.

But this situation is not isolated: since the pandemic began, the true conditions for public health have become more and more apparent. Sustainable health thanks to the thousands of health professionals and workers who put their bodies every day in deplorable conditions due to lack of supplies, medicines and even basic services such as water or gas, as happens in health centers in the most popular neighbourhoods. Not to mention terms of employment that are often under one-cost or in the black, which have deepened in recent years with precarious contracts to attend Covid guards, vaccinations or programs like Detect that employ hundreds of young people in precarious conditions to vaccinate and survey the population in the midst of an emergency health.

Religion with public health

After months of negotiations this week, the government and the International Monetary Fund announced that they had reached an agreement that will be discussed in the National Congress next week. That is why hundreds of organizations are preparing for a big rally for Thursday the tenth across the country, as a preliminary measure to reject it and to resist this new plunder which will involve new blows not only to the pockets of workers and the people. The sectors that are already suffering today from inflation, but it will further deteriorate public health and education, which will lead to the reduction of their budgets.

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To defend the right to health, union leaders must be at the forefront of this struggle and call for workplace rallies and a general strike on the day in question.

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