The Honduran national team met its competitors in the groups of the CONCACAF Nations League 2022/23!

The Honduran national team met its competitors in the groups of the CONCACAF Nations League 2022/23!


The Honduras national team Today met the group and competitors in the second edition of CONCACAF Nations League 2022-23, which by the way would also serve as a qualification for gold cup.

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Honduran duo paired in group c Along with the World Cup Canada As well as against the Caribbean Curacaowhich was pushing hard CONCACAF For being respectful.

The group stage of this competition will continue to be played in the form of three leagues, with home and away matches, during FIFA date June 2022 (double date and before the World Cup) and March 2023. The group stage will follow the last four In June 2023 it will consist of the semi-finals, the match for third place and the final.

The team’s distribution for Leagues A, B and C was determined based on the results of the 2019 CNL group stage, including the promotion and relegation system.

Invest it well FIFA will give a large amount of money to Fenafuth in order to develop football in Honduras, and not for other things … What the document says:

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In this case, periodic “A” where Honduras“B” was promoted from the selections savior, GrenadeAnd the Jamaica And the Suriname. download BermudaAnd the CubaAnd the Haiti And the Trinidad and TobagoEncountered by “H” in the last edition.

The CONCACAF He also decided that he is in the group stage of Nations League 2022-23 It will serve as a rating for the next edition of Gold Cup 2023. The first and second places of groups league (eight teams) and the first b- league (Four teams) will ensure their participation in the seventeenth edition of Gold Cup.

In addition, 12 other teams will have the opportunity to qualify for the tournament through previews subordinate Gold Cup. The preliminary round will include the participation of the third places from league (four teams), runners-up from b- league (four teams) the winners of the c- league (four teams). Additional details about the Prelims of the contest will be announced at a later time. Gold Cup 2023.

They suggest that on the “H” former Mexican referee Chiquimarco Rodriguez puts on the table the name of the famous Argentine coach to take the reins of Honduras. seems to them?

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CONCACAF League 2022 Groups

– League A groups –

Group A

group b
Costa Rica

group c

Group D
United State

– League C groups –

Group A
old and bearded

group b

group c
Trinidad and Tobago
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Group D
French Guiana
Dominican Republic

– League C groups –

Group A
Turks and Caicos Islands
British Virgin Islands
Saint Martin

group b
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Martin

group c
Lucia Street

Group D
Puerto Rico
Cayman Islands
British Isles, USA

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