Biological Sciences is already working on a wastewater treatment plant project for CU – El Sol de la Laguna

Biological Sciences is already working on a wastewater treatment plant project for CU – El Sol de la Laguna

Torreon, Coahuila. Faced with the need to have a file sewage treatment plant To provide effective service to University City UAdeC On MemorizesIt was announced that he was presented to the head of the highest studies house, A technical project Where the objective is explained and, above all, the benefits that can be realized if the said project is realized.

Fernando Hernández Terran, Director and Researcher of the Faculty of Biological Sciences at the Torreon Unit of the Autonomous University of Coahuila (UAdeC), announced in an interview that the initiative was implemented by the President of the University, Salvador Hernández Deras, “through researcher Paullete Seceñas Vázquez, who is the University’s material resources coordinator, invited As a faculty to participate in the design of a wastewater treatment plant that was built by the same Ciudad Universitaria with the idea of ​​making the most of the natural resources present in this case is water.”

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As a second focus, he said, the goal is to be able to use this water after the treatment process, “In Ciudad Universitaria we have some green areas that we want to preserve and we don’t want to open more green spaces just to open them up, we want to have gardens with plants that are endemic to the area that only require A little water.”

He noted that a meeting had already been held with the team of researchers, “with our teachers from the college, with our two academic bodies, what has been done is to suggest what the work is to begin with the design of said factory; the idea is that it starts within the university city itself, the Seceñas teacher team has already done a procedure Some calculations for both the chemical composition of the water as well as the capacity that can be treated here,” he recalls.

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Although there is no certainty about the resource required as an investment, they are confident that the university community itself will join in adopting the self-sustainability standard.

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