The Maduro regime has closed another business that treated opponent Edmundo Gonzalez.

The Maduro regime has closed another business that treated opponent Edmundo Gonzalez.
Maduro's regime has closed another business facility visited by opposition figure Edmundo Gonzalez (Reuters/File)

he Nicolas Maduro regime Order to close Asados ​​Taguanis Restaurantlocated in The State of Kogidisafter Edmundo GonzalezThe opposition candidate and his family had lunch there. The move has sparked controversy and complaints of political persecution by dissidents in the country.

GonzalezThey expressed their discontent and support for the institution’s workers on social media: “Close the Asados ​​Tajoanis restaurant in Comradeswhere my family and I ate on the way back. CaracasWhy do we punish workers for welcoming those who think differently? I hug you and thank you for your friendly concern with a smile and a lot of hope.

he opposition candidate He noted that this closure is part of a series of actions that show “the authority’s lack of respect for Venezuelans.” He denounced that these types of actions seek to intimidate and suppress those who do not ally themselves with the Maduro regime.

“This event joins other events that show the lack of respect of the authorities for Venezuelans.”I continued Gonzalez In his statement, he urged the population to maintain hope and calm in the face of the situation the country is going through. “Rest assured, respect and peace will come. There are only 20 days left,” he concluded, referring to the period leading up to the presidential elections scheduled for July 28 in which the candidate of the Unitarian Platform is the most likely to overthrow Chavismo.

Attempts Maduro regime To sabotage the opposition in the face of Presidential election on July 28 They are not new. In May, Chavista agents unleashed their repressive machinery and punished some women for welcoming the opposition leader, Maria Corina Machadoon your site.

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On the way to the state hurryAfter being greeted by a large crowd in the streets, Machado stopped at a small restaurant on the road to buy breakfast. There, he met two of his employees, who did not hesitate to express their happiness with this surprise visit, and documented the moment on video.

In the pictures you hear Machado She recalls having had delicious food in the past at this job, with women hugging her and giving her the strength to carry on. The politician even went into the kitchen and took pictures with them.

The authorities closed the small restaurant that was selling breakfast to the opposition leader.

However, the joy was short-lived. Moments later, when Machado He has already left the building he is in. Kurozu Bandovia San Fernando, officers from National Integrated Service for Customs and Tax Administration (SENIAT) To close the site for not arranging the papers.

“They closed our business here because Maria Corina Machado came to visit us, she stopped by and bought us 14 breakfasts, and thank God, the Sinitas family arrived here.”“It's the first time in our lives that we have been here,” one woman says as three people from the organization review the documents. SiniyatThe only restaurant they're closing is this one, nothing more. There are three. RestaurantsThere are bakeries, there are liquor stores, there are wineries, they don't have papers either and they're closing us down. restaurantHe adds, claiming that this is just revenge for receiving the opponent.

Maduro regime closes store to welcome Maria Corina Machado

How to attack opponents who receive Machado During her tours of the country, which are facilitated by her trips or are in some way related to her, it is the new way the ruling party has found to try to limit its influence without directly attacking its rival's candidacy, Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia.

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On May 4, the dictatorship had already closed two hotels where the politician and her entourage were staying. One of them was Oromaco Hotelin choircapital Falcon Statewhich faced economic sanctions and a temporary suspension of its operations. The second was a stepin MaracaiboAnd also after the visit.

A few days later, on the 16th of the same month, the regime repeated these actions at the hotel. Holidayin a city Victoryalthough this time was before the passage of Machado And Orutia by Aragua“They will lack the paperwork to seal the homes of all the Victorians who will welcome the next president of the republic. We will prevail,” the activist replied. Carlos Daniel Zapata In a message on social media, making it clear that they will not be intimidated.

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