The Ministry of Health has started a work schedule for the Cali Fair

The Ministry of Health has started a work schedule for the Cali Fair
Salsa dancers organize a sit-in demanding a traditional end-of-year fair in almost Cali, today in Cali (Colombia). EFE / Ernesto Guzmán Jr.

Colombia will witness a rebirth of the main fairs and festivals in different cities of the country. Events like the Barranquilla Carnival or the Cali Fair will be held again, despite COVID-19. This led the Ministry of Health to embark on a roadmap for this type of event on November 29, starting with those in Cali.

“Initially the capacity in Barranquilla was delegated to the Roberto Melendez Metropolitan Stadium for the matches of the Colombian national team, and later in Valledupar for the Valinata Legend Festival and we approached the Cali fair. Then we will talk about the Black and White Carnival and the Manizales fair”Gerson Peermont, director of promotion and prevention at Minsalud, reassured.

Pyrmont said that depending on how these activities are developed, similar activities could be developed across Colombia.

How are these activities going, so that we can move forward. We understand the importance of these events, they are the reunion of people and families. We want it to be the best party ever, but with the right measures in place, we can’t neglect ourselves or believe that this really happened.

The Health portfolio will conduct an epidemiological analysis of Cali, Vale and the region in order to determine what actions to take.

Bermont indicated the requirements for the vaccination card or certificate against covid-19, demonstrate the importance of vaccination and self-care measures to be able to implement Cali Fair safely.

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For his part, Julian Fernandez, Director of Epidemiology and Demography at Mensalud, referred to the epidemiological analysis of the country and region, as well as the coverage of the national vaccination plan, explaining that there is an advantage in hybrid immunity.

Everyone who has recovered from the coronavirus must be found and vaccinated. The time now is one month to vaccinate and we must do it.”, handle.

Fernandez said protecting the elderly should be a priority in the country’s economic reopening.

“Efforts focused on giving them reinforcement should also matter”, indicating that the recommendation based on the available scientific evidence is the application of heterogeneous reinforcements. “Cali and Valle both have high case follow-up, but low contact tracing. We are sending out EPS contacts to make this happen.”

The director of epidemiology said the PRASS strategy developed in recent months in the country must be maintained. Fernandez explained that Valle and Callie have an optimistic epidemiological outlook, “We’ve been with low transmission for several weeks” He stressed that epidemiological surveillance, which focuses on gatherings, testing of people with epidemiological relevance, isolation of suspects, ventilation and use of masks, remains crucial while supporting vaccination.

Noting all the upcoming celebrations that will take place in the valley, the Director of Promotion and Prevention stated that “the epidemiological conditions of the district and the capital are favorable, but we cannot relax.”

These parties bring together more than 1,150,000 people with greater interactions,” he explained and also mentioned the procedure governing vaccination card or certificate requirements for entertainment venues. “As of tomorrow, November 30, the requirement will be, at least one dose, for people over 12 years old. , as well as from December 14th with full schedules.”

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