The Ministry of Health records a recovery in the saturation of the general family

The Ministry of Health records a recovery in the saturation of the general family

Between December 15 and 27, there was a slight increase in the number of hospitals saturated with public beds treating Covid-19 patients, according to data from the Federal Ministry of Health (SSA).

According to the monitoring of the SARI network, as of December 15, there were 59 hospitals in the country with a occupancy rate of 100% in general beds, while on the 27th there were 66, that is, in 12 days, there were seven hospitals (11.7%) saturated.

If we consider hospitals with an occupancy rate of 70 to 100 percent — a range the Social Security Administration considers dangerous — in the same category, as of December 15 there were 80 and on the 27th there were 85, an increase of 6 percent.

As of last Monday, hospitals operating between 70 and 100% with general beds were distributed to the country’s 27 states.

However, the entities with the largest number of health centers in these occupancy ranges were CDMX (14); Chihuahua (9); Edomex (7); Nuevo Leon (6) and Jalisco (6).

Overall, the IRAG network holds records for a total of 860 hospitals in the country with general beds for Covid-19.

In contrast, in hospitals with ventilator beds, between December 15 and 27, there was a decrease from 15 hospitals with 100% saturation to 10; Whereas if health centers with occupancy rates between 70 and 100% were aggregated, the number increased from 20 to 13.

On Tuesday, the Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatel, reported that the country’s general household occupancy was at 13% and the fan at 11%.

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More infections by micron

Lopez-Gatell commented that the fourth wave of Covid-19 infections in the country could occur either through the delta variant itself, which is still prevalent in Mexico, or the micron.

“What can we see if the fourth wave comes at the expense of Omicron? We can see a large number of cases, but much less hospitalization than in previous waves, and for what reason? This is mainly due to the effect of vaccination,” he said.

With regard to vaccination, the Undersecretary indicated that vaccination has already been reinforced in health workers in seven states, and it will continue in the following days, and although he did not specify a specific date, the reinforcements will begin to be applied in January to educational cadres.

Fourth wave in Nuevo Leon

The government of Nuevo Leon has stated that the entity is already going through the fourth wave of Covid-19 infections.

“We view this spike (of infected people) as the beginning of a fourth wave, which could be as severe or moderate as we can respond to,” state health minister Dr. Alma Rosa Marroquin said.

The official said in a conference yesterday, that a significant increase in daily infections has been reported since between December 15 and 27, as it rose from 109 to 260 cases.

He added that it is expected, as the Omicron variant spreads more rapidly, in the next 15 days there will be an increase in cases and after a week there will be a recovery in hospital treatment.

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“The truth is we are waiting for cases to be raised further. We are calling on people to get tested, even with mild symptoms, or if they have been in contact with travelers or are considered to be at risk of contracting this new type of infection.”

CDMX cancels year-end event

For its part, CDMX reported yesterday, the cancellation of the end of the year party due to the recovery of Covid-19 infections.

“In order to preserve the health of the capital, and as a precaution against the slight increase in confirmed cases of Covid-19, the Mexico City government will postpone the New Year’s Eve party that will take place on December 31 to 6:00 pm, in Glorietta de la Palma,” he reported. In a statement.

Prime Minister Claudia Sheinbaum commented that the announcement is a precautionary measure when she sees an increase in infections “but it is not an alarm.”

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