Health workers begin influenza vaccination

Health workers begin influenza vaccination

Lauro Luna was the first health worker to receive a flu shot.

With the start of influenza vaccination for health workers, Laura Monwho works as a driver in the emergency transportation service for people with disabilities at Nicholas Avellaneda Hospital, and about 21,000 people in a healthy family will be protected from influenza.

Lauro has been working at Siprosa for 14 years. He was the first health agent in the county to receive the flu shot this morning and was so excited he said, “It is very important for us as health workers to receive the vaccination, moreover, it gives me more safety especially because I was a victim of Covid and I was hospitalized for a period of time. 12 days in intensive care. My family and colleagues know what I went through, I was very sick and that is why it is important that the community is vaccinated to prevent it.”

The agent was one of the first to arrive calmly and with great expectation at the vaccination center which was specially prepared by the hospital management to be able to vaccinate 1500 agents who attend daily with great dedication and commitment towards the patients who need their help in the hospital.

Lauro continued to explain why vaccination was important and did not stop expressing through his eyes and tone of voice what he feels when he is vaccinated: “Receiving the vaccine is important to me and my family because in this way I protect from bringing disease into my home. We are in contact with many people every day, so we are exposed double the virus.

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The worker, at the time of his vaccination, was proudly wearing his distinctive uniform indicating that he was available for emergencies 107. “This allows us to continue to do our work in a safer manner and be able to continue providing services to patients to improve their quality of life. We are always here to help and help people move forward.” Being in community service is very important and I am a person who is ready for that,” Luna concluded.

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