The Most Valuable Cryptocurrencies Now

The Most Valuable Cryptocurrencies Now

You can find a list for almost everything in the world: if you are into games, for example, you can find an online casino games list you can play right now in a matter of seconds. For players who like to play online slots, such a list will be very useful. It is possible to create similar lists for financial instruments too, and cryptocurrencies are considered one of the most popular financial tools today. Wondering which cryptocurrencies are the most valuable? Below we answer this question for you and give a brief overview of the most valuable cryptos in the top 10 list.

Top 10 Most Valued Cryptocurrencies

We have prepared this table using Statista data, and we are sure that some of the names in it will surprise you. You won’t see many of the cryptos you’d expect to be on the chart, and you’ll likely be hearing about some of them for the first time. 

1 Bitcoin (BTC) 31.879
2 Bitcoin Wrapped (WBTC) 31.868
3 Bitcoin BEP2 (BTCB) 31.855
4 Yearn.Finance (YFI) 27.778
5 Maker (MKR) 2.399
6 Ethereum (ETH) 1.980
7 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 431
8 Compound (COMP) 375
9 Binance Coin (BNB) 291
10 Aave (AAVE) 265


Keep in mind that the data in this table will be relevant for a short time: cryptocurrencies are highly volatile investment vehicles, and their values are constantly changing. However, even if the numbers in the “value” column change, we don’t expect the numbers and names in the “name” column to change anytime soon. In other words, this chart will give you an idea of which cryptocurrencies will be the most valuable in the near future too. Now that we have shared our list, we can start giving brief information about these cryptos.

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Bitcoin – Bitcoin Wrapped – Bitcoin BEP2 – Bitcoin Cash

You all know Bitcoin: the first cryptocurrency that started it all. Bitcoin is so valuable and popular that we can say that it is no longer “digital money” and has become an “asset”. Due to this popularity, it has many variants, and they are almost as common and valuable as the original. In this context:

  • Bitcoin Wrapped is the name of an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to this token, BTC can also be used on Ethereum.
  • Bitcoin BEP2 is a token offered by Binance, whose price is fixed at 1 BTC. It can work on different blockchains.
  • Bitcoin Cash is a fork created in 2017 and is considered one of the first altcoins. It has its own blockchain and is considered a modernized version of Bitcoin.


Yearn.Finance is actually the name of a set of protocols running on the Ethereum blockchain. These protocols aim to optimize users’ crypto earnings by offering lending and trading services. YFI, the protocol’s own currency, is used for these transactions. So, the main goal is to create a cryptocurrency to be used within this ecosystem, but as Yearn is very popular, its own currency becomes valuable as well.


Maker is a cryptocurrency running on the Ethereum blockchain and has its own token too. The goal of Maker is to create digital assets whose value is tied to real financial instruments (e.g., gold, oil, etc.). It uses its own tokens for margin trading. Maker is not a digital currency designed for real-life use: it was developed to facilitate high-end commercial trading.

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Aave is a project created to issue Ether loans on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides the necessary infrastructure for transactions such as borrowing and lending in all ERC-20-based cryptocurrencies. They are also specialists in Crypto press release services with the help of an experienced team who delivers high valued results.


Etherum may be the most popular blockchain technology after Bitcoin. The most important feature is that the blockchain it uses can run different applications and can even be used to create different cryptos and tokens. So, if you want to develop a cryptocurrency, for example, you don’t need to invest in blockchain technology – you can use the Ethereum blockchain directly. Most analysts think that the coins on this blockchain will be used in daily life in the future, and the value of Ethereum will increase a lot as they are all hosted on Ethereum.


Compound is the name of a protocol that allows users to earn interest by depositing their cryptocurrencies into one of the many pools the platform supports. In return for this transaction, you get COMP tokens. For example, when you deposit ETH into a pool, you get COMP in return. The exchange rate of COMPs to actual assets increases over time. In this way, you can get back more assets than you initially invested: interest is distributed in this way.

Binance Coin

This is the name of a cryptocurrency created by the Binance company. With Binance Coin, the commission of the buying/selling transactions on the Binance exchange can be paid. However, over time it has evolved into a standalone cryptocurrency with its own blockchain, and its value continues to increase day by day. There is a total of 155,536,713 BNB in ​​the market, and to avoid inflation, Binance exchange buys BNB and burns them on a regular basis.

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