The National Court wants another space for the administration of justice

The National Court wants another space for the administration of justice

The National Court of Justice will change its headquarters. This is the only sure thing. Where the judges, chambers, files, and some 256 officials will move remains uncertain. At least that’s what The head of the organization, Ivan Sakesella.

The judge indicates that one option is to build Previous Unasur, located in the center of the world, which since May 2020 has returned to state After being abandoned for about a year and after an investigation formalities.

On August 20, Sakesella. The President of the Judicial Council, Maria del Carmen MaldonadoAnd other officials toured the building that houses the headquarters of Confederation of South American Nations (UNASUR). The mere possibility of portability has caused the lawyers charging in National Court.

In the social network Twitter, the annoyance appeared comments criticism of the potential decision.

Lawyer Lorena Grillo He was one of those who reacted. “It is wrong to do so. They should not only see the condition of the building, but how about Users? How do they go there? How do you get out of there public 3 a.m. (as is the norm for a court session), without a car, impossible, and dangerous for everyone? Think about it,” was the message he sent to Saquicela.

The exUnasur building is one of the alternatives to the National Court of Justice

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The chief justice insisted that nothing be specified. It is one of the options he made President of the Republic Guillermo LassoAt the request of the authority.

Objections also came from National Union of Lawyers and Bar Association of Pechincha, which issued a statement. They “totally reject this claim as inappropriate, inconsistent, costly and foolish, as such a change would bring severe hardship to the Citizenship generally”.

On Wednesday, he met Sakisila Yolanda Yubangi, President of the Pichincha Bar Association. She explained that in a survey conducted by her union They expressed what was collected in the statement. Sakisila’s justification left her calm because, “This matter hasn’t been decided, it’s someone and options which are given because the indispensable has a better place, and not to the judges.”

Changing the place at the initiative of the president and the enthusiasm of some judges, Not of all, said a member of fullwho requested that his name be reserved.

He stressed that there are no specific decisions, that they visited the building, and there is an offer from the government, but nothing concrete. He remembered that he Judicial Council Which must be solved, because it contains the resources.

The Member of the Judiciary, Juan José Murillo, was present on a tour of the former facilities Unassur August 20 last. He indicated that the agency is working on reports on infrastructure, according to the number of its personnel Tennis CourtAir conditioning and repairs, then maintenance Monthly, navigation as access methods and other issues to be evaluated so that it is Hint Validate the proposal or not.

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EXPRESO asked the Board to provide information on this matter. He replied that regarding portability a report Administrative feasibilityThe technical and economic support that supports the conversion decision.

Add the answer that once the reports are made, a decision can be made and should be adjusted to Court Management Model. This means a building that is suitable and no alterations should be made in it, and this is in terms of cost benefit.

The decision will not be immediate because the process is currently stalled due to the fact that Ministry of Culture request to Chancellery Information on status, verbs, spaces and more details of the building. Information is expected until the first week of September. The area responsible for preparing the reports that the higher authority will know is National Administrative Directorate.

He stressed that so far there is nothing else and options officially.

The current court in Previously built Filanbanco Since April 2003. Acquired for about $11 million in November 2002. It took about five months to remodel. before Tennis Court He ran for nearly 40 years in Former Palace of Justice located in front of National Assembly.

The location of the new home of the judges is currently in Roads of the United Nations and Amazonas, an exclusive commercial sector located in the north of Quito.

In 20 years, the building, according to the chief justice, no longer provides operating conditions Supreme court. There are rooms like Administrative Where there is a shortage of space, files are on the floor and piled up. In their midst must work the officials of room secretary. The jurisprudence precedents are also found in a kind of warehouse located on the ninth floor of the building with three elevators, one of which has been decomposing for several years.

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during the dances Judicial complexes were built, some of which were monitored by the Comptroller’s Office. But the court Elimination At the time, he wasn’t taking care of her, Judge recalls.

the details

Possibility. in front of Tennis Court There is a large court parking lot and can allow an extension lift from another building.

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