Generous space – La Tercera

Generous space – La Tercera

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San Borja Park and the Santiago Center are great supports and manifestations of public space. The controversy surrounding the murals makes us doubt their content more than their expression. Painting the facades at will keeps passersby and the public away. The geographical center and center of Santiago is constantly deteriorating. But this is not only a local issue, but a regional issue.

From the epicenter there are 100 km. towards the coast and the Pacific Ocean and its coast, a great general continental boundary; 50 km towards the new Parque Santiago, or to El Blumo hill, a great place. There is a full axis 150 km long. Who expects proper treatment and expressions of class art.

From east to west and from the mountain range to the sea: views, stops, paths, bridges, tunnels, lintels; In the valley, a complete design and technical intervention of the Las Condes, Apoquindo, Providencia and Alameda hubs; Then, leave Santiago in the midst of the rural nature of magnificent and lush valleys that not only await a connecting road; Access to the coast, the edge, the confrontation with the water, its history, culture, morals and aesthetics in the shadows. Valparaiso and San Antonio are shamelessly vilified.

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We have the opportunity to fill these common spaces with good expressions and content that should recognize the diverse characteristics of its users, from the elderly to children, in which we all feel very comfortable.

Oscar McKinney b.


Vice Dean of Architecture and Arts UDD

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