The new children’s playground has opened in El Limón Alto, a public space of 800 square meters

The new children’s playground has opened in El Limón Alto, a public space of 800 square meters

The fence is located on a plot of land on Guindo Street that was deserted. The investment is worth 60 thousand euros and will allow residents to enjoy a place of entertainment for children and adults alike

Yesterday, Thursday afternoon, the children’s playground was opened in the neighborhood known as El Limón Alto, which is located in the upper area of ​​the covered sports center and near Platero I. This new area for public use is about 800 square meters and allows the enjoyment of urban furniture for the rest of the families With an area dedicated to attractions and games for children, an aspect that was very necessary in this group of streets so that its residents could have a place of entertainment.

The opening ceremony was attended by Mayor Joaquin Vilanova, city council members and some neighborhood residents. The first mayor, during his speech before the tape was cut, said that the youngest of the neighborhood could now enjoy their own space for their games, safely, without having to move to another point in the municipality. In addition, he confirmed that with this opening, the number of more than 40 high-quality stadiums has already been exceeded, which represents a significant growth for Alhaurín de la Torre.

The City Council’s Operational Services District, led by Prudencio J. Ruiz, was responsible for the construction of the site, which cost more than 60 thousand euros. The main work was to remove the slope of the land to give it more stability and security. Fences were also erected around the perimeter and entry and exit doors, reinforced walls, a new fountain with a drainage system and a large planter that prevents vandalism and preserves the privacy of the residents of the nearest homes.

The roof has a landscaping beautification throughout the interior, and many local specimens of ficus have been preserved, characteristic trees to give plenty of shade, something that was highly valued by the neighbours. This type of tree requires a large space and separation with the children’s play area, in order to optimally preserve the branches and roots in the future and so as not to damage the rest of the elements. The complex was paved with concrete, lighting and plumbing boxes were repaired. Two large lampposts inside finish off the urban furniture installation.

The new municipal fence is located on Guindo Street, on an abandoned plot of land that has been completely wasted, and after a meeting between the residents of the sector and the mayor, it was decided that it should be for public use. Works started in June and continued until the end of September.

This equipment comes to meet the aspirations of the residents of that area, as it is a very concentrated group of semi-detached houses and is relatively isolated from the rest of the El Limón neighborhood, although according to the councilor, Alhaurín de la Torre can provide many places of recreation, without going beyond It, next to the covered sports center.

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