The new WhatsApp policy only affects if you are chatting with a company

The new WhatsApp policy only affects if you are chatting with a company

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In recent days users The WhatsApp They have raised a shout in the sky with the changes that the app will make in terms of privacy policies for users, but be careful, this will only be for The WhatsApp Business, Which is a business application that was launched in 2018.

By statement, The WhatsApp He revealed that “the update does not change WhatsApp’s data sharing practices with Facebook, nor does it affect the way people communicate privately with friends or family anywhere in the world.” The WhatsApp You remain fully committed to protecting people’s privacy. ”

Do the new WhatsApp policies affect me?

The new update will affect if you chat with any of the companies that use WhatsApp for business, Which allows companies to communicate with their customers through direct messages, which have more than 50 million users in the world.

The update will be introduced starting February 8th.

Companies that use WhatsApp Business in Mexico

In Mexico, big retailers like Suprama, Electra And recently Liverpool They use this channel to provide better customer service through chat where they can place orders, follow them, or express any questions about the products they offer.

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