Why is ‘House of M’ so special?

Why is ‘House of M’ so special?

Vandavision Available now Disney +.

As we speak Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch (Or The Scarlet Witch), one of the most powerful characters to think of Marvel. Whether in the comics or in the cinematic universe as we know it, this witch has shown us when she is capable.And offers the opportunity to exploit your potential.

We do not have to go far: only inside Endcom, We see how his power allowed him to face it Thanos On his own in that epic last battle. Now that the Titan Saga is over, Avenger is getting ready to have its series on Disney +, once again The ability to see the greatest purpose of their abilities.

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Now, when we check all the strengths and abilities of the protagonist, we should not notice the story House of M, One of the most incredible comic series in the history of publishing. In fact, there are many things that make us think about the basis on which this story develops Vandavision.

House of M

This is 2005 and Marvel is in the early days of its films. Foxil, The X-Men And franchise on Sony Spider man With Toby McQuire and Sam Rimi. And comics? Maybe they don’t have the same access to the general public, but no doubt they are a placeAllows you to enjoy shortcuts and collaborative stories more freely. In the same year, Brian Michael Pendis Raffle and throw House of M.

The story takes place in the same place as Saga Avengers: Extracted And shows us one Wanda Maximoff She has lost control over the forces that change her reality. She is in the land of Genosha, and her father is helping, Magnet, and Professor Charles Xavier, Preventing things from getting out of control by his mental powers … But soon it will be too late.

Poster D ‘House of M’ en 2005. Photo: Marvel Comics

Charles meets some people in New York Avengers, X-Men and Dr. Strange To determine what to do The crimson witch The mutant wizard can no longer control her. Wolverine Considering the possibility of assassinating her by giving them some resources they have on hand, but no one realizes it Quicksilver, The brother of the powerful sorcerer, spies on the conversation.

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The mutant with the power of HyperDrive comes back to Genosha and warns his father Magnet about what the heroes are going to do. Complete uncertainty They begin to think about what plan to carry out to prevent Wanda’s murder.

The Avengers and Mutants come to Genosha only to find that Maximoffs and their father are missing. Each hero begins to disappear little by little until a white light spreads around the world: The power of witchcraft has finally lost total control of its abilities .

Scarlett the Witch in ‘House of M’. Photo: Marvel Comics

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Alternative world

In the new reality created by Wanda, the characters have changed, and now the race is dominated by the mutants, the common people are the minority. Another uniqueness is that some characters like it Charles Xavier, Hockey and Vision are missingBut the ‘remaining’ inhumans are now enjoying a full and happy life. Example Spider-Man, Recognized Man, Gwen married Stacey, and her uncle Ben is still alive.

Magnet, for his part, is the sovereign governor of Genosha and lives fully with his dynasty: Pietro and Wanda and her children, as well as the clumsy Polaris. In a series of events, one of the few who remembers this incident of Wolverine makes the other heroes see the cause, so they began to confront the magnetic dynasty.

Scarlett the Witch in ‘House of M’. Photo: Marvel Comics

Everything that happened at the moment of the change of reality in the conflict is revealed. It is his Quicksilver They told Wanda to change his universe to make everyone happy. During the siege, they reveal to Magnet the truth about what happened to reality, and he unleashes his power on everyone, thus killing his son Pietro. That Moves from Wanda to another eruption of rage, which turns everyone back to their original reality, But when she disappears the deformed population shrinks.

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Notes on ‘Vandavision’: A Window for Mutants?

We’ve seen previews before the series premiere, and one more thing, the plot hIt will be a journey through the golden age and other stages of American television. In that sense, we can assume that this is her own work Wanda Maximoff, Who will distort reality at will.

There are many interpretations and one of them is Elizabeth Olsen’s character ‘Fiction’ What life will be like with Vision If in events he is not dead Infinity War). It remains to be seen why Stark will recreate his relationship with Android, which he created within an universe full of references to American television classics.

View on ‘Wandavision’. Photo: Marvel Studios.

Now as we talk about references, one of the improvements refers to the link that can continue the series House of M. She uses her power to pour a glass of wine from a bottle she reads ‘Maison to Memphis’. Fans have speculated about this because the translation of the phrase is Gaza del Desprescio.

Whether the powerful witch is locked up or she is controlled, that is why she recreates everything we see in her mind. Vandavision? Even better: Will this be a definitive link for mutants to enter the MCU? Everything can happen. Let’s see how it goes.

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