Seven tips for making your balcony a comfortable space

Seven tips for making your balcony a comfortable space

Now that we’ve spent more time at home, the porch is our only refuge from contact with the outside world. Maybe it wasn’t until we started quarantining that we realized how important it is to make this place a comfortable place if we want to feel comfortable in it, which is why we don’t rule out the possibility of taking advantage of 2021 to give a new life to our balcony. . If that is your intention, then apply these seven tips offered by interior designers Jimena Trujillo And the Erica Ahmed, From Embed a TweetTo achieve this easily.


1. Determine what the job will be. Many people strive to make their balcony a place to receive visitors or have a coffee, while others prefer to make it a relaxation area, where they can read a book or a good study. And you, what job do you want to grant?

2. Place the furniture making use of the space. Once you’ve determined what you’re going to use it for, it’s time to furnish. Don’t be afraid to use all the available space, but remember to leave the sections blank to allow access and traffic.

3. Use chairs and sofa cushions, Which you can place as seats on the floor to provide a more comfortable and comfortable space, to share with family and your close loved ones.

4. Add a rug. Carpets add warmth. That’s why it’s a good idea to include one on your balcony. If you are concerned about getting damaged, don’t worry, because nowadays there are rugs available for outdoor use that are sun and water resistant.

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To add a touch of nature to any outdoor space, Add ornamental plants. They could be in pots, sinks, and even on walls to create vertical gardens, bearing in mind that this latest trend continues to spread.

6. Install a ceiling fan. It’s advice to keep in mind, especially if you live in the Dominican Republic, where hot temperatures are the everyday bread. In addition to making your balcony cooler, installing a ceiling fan will prevent you from having to occupy part of the floor with vertical fans.

7. finally, Add perma curtains To protect from sunlight, heat and even for more privacy. And don’t think that this will detract from the elegance of the space, because luckily you can now have it in different shapes and colors depending on your needs.

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