The New Zealand national team scored 3 home goals in 36 minutes

The New Zealand national team scored 3 home goals in 36 minutes

Mycella Moore, a player selected from New Zealand, had the misfortune of scoring three own goals in a match that ended 5-0 against the United States in the Sheffields Cup.

At a game at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, the 25-year-old defender from Liverpool had the darkest afternoon of his career not only because he prayed three times to his own door, but he did. It is known as the right hat trick, he hit first with his right foot, then with his head and last with his left foot.

In the 5th minute, Moore tried to cut the center shot from the left side, but the ball bounced off his goalkeeper Erin Neyler. A minute later, a cross came from the right side and as he tried to clear it, Moore hit it again with his goal.

A veteran and Under-17 World Cup player for the All Blacks, he began his professional career in Cologne and Duisburg, Germany, then hired by the Reds of the English League in 2020, scoring one more goal. The highest own goal was scored in the 36th minute, now with his left foot, the right was caught in the lower center.

At the time, his coach Jitna Klimkova replaced Rebecca Stott in the 40th minute, replacing Moore.

The United States scored two more goals: Ashley Hatch at 51 ‘and 90 + 3 Mallory Buck.

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