‘Unacceptable’: Henry Newman denounces lack of lifeguards at Condado Beach and summons governor

‘Unacceptable’: Henry Newman denounces lack of lifeguards at Condado Beach and summons governor

After a minor was swept away by an ocean current on Condado Beach, Senator Henry Newman This morning she denounced that the central government did not appoint the rescuers it had promised to this sector as multiple deaths were reported.

Newman, the chairman of the Senate Security Committee, noted that during a questioning session, the Secretary of Natural Resources (DNER), Raphael MasharigoI promised to hire lifeguards for this beach.

The legislator, while visiting the area where San Juan Emergency Management personnel were observing divers looking for the minor, said Machargo and the tour operator “They were going to make a joint agreement to put the stalls here and put three lifeguards,” he added.

They promised me a year ago and nothing. I walk here every day and every day I ask. Here every day the boys working in setting chairs have to go out to save someone,” Newman said.

When asked why this did not happen, he replied:The barrier is a lack of will. What is the government cost for three life jackets that can be fitted from La Concha to the Marriott?

He noted that because we’re one of the “busiest beaches in Puerto Rico, we spend millions of people getting people here, through DMO and propaganda that shows, all over the world, people are constantly dying.”

He acknowledged that legislation could be worked on to address this problem, but insisted they were swept up in the fact that “the director of tourism and the DNER minister told us over a year ago that they were going to put three lifeguards here. At interrogation, Marchargo told my questions that this was in the works.”

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“The Governor of Puerto Rico has been summoned to take action on this matter,” He added to try that “the poor who come here to enjoy a few days in Puerto Rico, on the best beach, must go through a tragedy like the one we’re experiencing now. It’s not acceptable“.

Neumann stressed that the location of the lifeguards does not only serve to rescue people who are drawn into the water, but also prevents them from entering.

On the beach there are several signs in Spanish and English that it is dangerous to enter the water. However, with security personnel in the area and rescue boats in the background, this facility was able to observe several people entering the choppy sea and breaking waves ashore.

For his part, the surfer Peter Santos Torreswho has worked for more than 30 years selling water in the Window to the Sea of ​​Condado area, noted that years ago the number of people he rescued from some misfortune on the beach behind La Concha Hotel, although he considers that they were “in the thousands” “.

He denounced that they claimed for a long time the location of lifeguards in vain, while sometimes people who do not take the matter seriously hinder the management of their prevention because they do not have any authority to prevent people from accessing the water.

“Sometimes I (people go to the water) with a dick about 30 times a day, especially kids, but parents get upset because I don’t wear a uniform…but it’s about nobody drowning,” claimed.

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He added, “No one jumps here, because there are (underwater) caves… I was able to drift for three to four hours, arriving in Levittown with two victims. If not for the Coast Guard, I would still be in the water.”

When asked what could be done, he demanded “to allocate resources to the Red Cross, which is true in Puerto Rico. There was a group of Americans who wanted to do it, but they made their lives miserable.”

Authorities are still conducting a search for a 12-year-old minor who could have been dragged by sea currents on Condado Beach, behind the La Concha Hotel, in San Juan.

according to policeThe events were reported at approximately 10:14 p.m. on Sunday via a 9-1-1 emergency system call.

DRNA confirms it has done its part

In a press release, Marchargo lamented the minor’s situation and noted that only resorts are suitable for swimmers, emphasizing that Condado Beach is not.

Regarding Newman’s claim, the DNER Secretary noted that he had in turn “provided support for the tour operator’s initiative to appoint lifeguards or personnel to guide on shore hazard.”

He emphasized that “DNER has built a rescue tower”, which “is expected to be assembled on the aforementioned beach”, in addition to “the necessary markings”.

He stressed that the issue of the situation of the rescuers “falls on the shoulders of other agencies.”

When this medium emphasized the question, DNER answered that the agreement was for DNER to construct the towers that would be placed for the lifeguards, as well as provide the necessary permits, while tourism would be responsible for the lifeguards.

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DNER has confirmed that it will install the turrets as soon as the rescuers are assigned.

new day She requested a response from tourism and her press office replied that they would manage the response.

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