The Office of the Comptroller asks the Electoral Council to “enable” it to conduct a computer audit before the second presidential round Politics | News

The Office of the Comptroller asks the Electoral Council to “enable” it to conduct a computer audit before the second presidential round  Politics |  News

Before requests for transparency in the February 7 elections, submitted by social groups and presidential candidate Yaku Perez, who denounced fraud.

The The general paradox of the state He solemnly asked National Electoral Council (CNE) It is allowed to conduct a computer audit of its auditing systems and announce results, in the face of requests from social groups that the vote in the national elections on February 7 be transparent, and after complaints of “ alleged electoral fraud. ” That made in recent days the presidential candidate Pachacutec (PK), Yako Perez Guaratumble.

The agency provides results for this special test in 20 days.

The official letter was sent on February 20 by the Comptroller Pablo Sely To members of the National Electoral Council, as it recognizes that the polling institution is in the “electoral period” and, according to the law on democracy, no “foreign entity” can interfere in organizing the process.

Nevertheless, Celi points out that in the face of various “citizens’ demands”, a special examination must be undertaken “that allows to ensure the necessary transparency, legal security, legality and appropriate use of resources and contributes to creating an environment of confidence required in the current electoral process,” I request the adoption of a decision that would make it possible to start computer audits before the second election roundThe document says.

The Office of the Comptroller reveals anomalies in the organization of the 2019 sectoral elections organized by the Electoral Council

The aim is to follow up on the recommendations made by the Office of the Comptroller in August 2020 for a special examination of the vote-counting system, and to “conduct an audit of the computer system used in these elections, and its results will be presented. Within a period not exceeding 20 days.”

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On February 11, Perez went to the Comptroller’s office to request a criminal audit of the CNE’s counting system, due to assumptions that there had been electoral fraud that affected his vote.

Comptroller Sealy asks the National Electoral Council to apply corrections to the audit system

It was suggested that the audit be conducted in seven provinces that could affect it, such as Guayas, Pichincha, Los Rios, Manabí, El Oro, Esmeraldas and Bolivar. (I am)

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