“The only solution to the floods is to return space to the Ebro”

“The only solution to the floods is to return space to the Ebro”

Recent floods in the Ebro have caused significant flooding, but the Ebro Resilience Project aims to prevent them, inundating the spaces being returned to the river. The question we have to ask ourselves is whether or not the Ebro Resilience Project is enough. Our answer is no. We believe it is falling short and the only alternative is to expand this project in order to return the space to Ebro.

We can think of making stronger defenses but it’s very hard to stop the power of the water and eventually some defense and damage bursts happen. It is necessary to carry out procedures in areas where the occurrence of floods is verified year after year. These actions include returning space to Ebro. We can’t look the other way or wait for the next deluge of Ebro.

In the riverside municipalities of the Ebro the agricultural surface for the sum of their municipal terms is very high. Returning lands to the Ebro will reduce the intensity of the floods, laminaria, it will be possible to restore riverbank areas that do not exist in some municipalities or reduce them to a minimum expression.

In short, the restoration of space for Ebro assumes the restoration of natural spaces for the community as a whole and this is very positive.

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